Saturday, December 1, 2007

Who created the universe?

Well, my fellow blogging associates, long time no see. It's been a while but my exams has ended and finally got some free time :)

Did I tell you all? My birthday was on the 18th, I am 20 now... How sad lol... I won't bored everyone with useless information about my progress since the exams, nothing exciting happening - Though I am doing management at my food preparation facility lol, I get to wear a blue shirt and eat free food lol....


Getting down to business, this morning I was reading the news on my mobile and I read an article quoting some astronomer as saying that looking through a telescope is alike going back in time, that is, you are looking at things light years away... I was thinking, but isn't light years a measure for distance not time? Weird...

Then I got thinking again, universe, who created universe? This is one of the biggest mysteries in our world and perhaps something we'll never be able to figure out. Then I got thinking again, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, this is a simple one isn't it? There's a greater chance the egg came first due to genetic mutation which caused the creation of the chicken...

But then going back to the creation of the universe, just how can it be "created"? It can't can it? It can't just be there either or can it? The more I think, the bigger my headache is getting so I decided to share this wonderful headache with you all - again since all of you possibly have encountered this question before...

So have a think and answer the following questions, let's see the brainstorming capabilities of you all!

1) What or who created the universe?

2) If it was not created, how did it come into existence?

3) Was it just there and if so, why?

P.S. Good to see everyone is so active with all your blog posts! AND an early merry xmas!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exam - Again

Time of the year: 3rd year Exams.

Fun times at university, one exam on Friday and one exam next week Thursday.

Wish me luck...

P.S. Planning to do honors, my average is currently 75%, plenty enough I think. Any tips or advice as to what I should do my thesis in if I do undertake honor? I'm doing Human Resource Management and Management.

Ok, gtg, whole day of cramming tommorrow!

Wish me luck with all your hearts and magical charms, will visit all you guys in a few days time!!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Be The Blog Award

Thanks to Amel for recently awarding me the "Be the Blog" award.

Normally, I'd hate to take an award that is meaningless because it's just a piece of code with colors. But the award Amel has given me is something special because it awards people who have been there with their blog and made it a success over it and just had fun.

This is especially true for me. This blog was originally a creative outlet for me that really catered for my own views and what I thought day in and day out. Over time, I found it impossible to shut myself in the blogsphere and hence began networking with various people and today, I have made many friends.

I have kept my network because because I find it pointless to have a huge blogroll and not being able to have a personal connection with these people and I am proud to say that I do with my current network and I have had alot of fun writing my thoughts, reading everyone's replies and visiting all of your wonderful blogs.

So I would like to take this moment and thank everyone for being with me through the past months, really, it has been fun and I have learnt more about people and the world through this period than I would have normally done. It's been a most wonderful experience.

And thank you Amel for making me post this corny statement of thanks to everyone haha!

In return, I would like to award this to a few special people myself:

1) Deadpool - Buddy, your blog is a unique piece of work. Keep the originality up!

2) Zhu - Needless to say, wonderful.

3) Jeff - If you want to learn a thing or two about life, come have a look here :)

The creator of this award is Mark and he has three different colors. Go pick your favorite colors :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

38 Things About Me

Max has tagged me for 38 things about me. So here it is. Be warned, I am boring.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Hmmm, unfortunately, it was the computer, ok, it's not a person but then again that's that...
2. What were you doing at 0800? Damn, just went to bed after a entire day of youtubing...
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Watching a video on Lee Hyori and Jessica Alba. What hot women, damn!
4. What happened to you in 2006? Why not 2007?
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? The question makes no sense...
6. How many beverages did you have today? Water, Fanta, Pepsi
7. What color is your hairbrush? What's a hairbrush? Is pink a suitable answer?
8. What was the last thing you paid for? I don't pay for things, people pay me.
9. Where were you last night? At home.
10. What color is your front door? Brown.
11. Where do you keep your change? My wallet.
12. What's the weather like today? Damned hot! 36 degrees!
13. What's the best ice-cream flavor? Paddle Pop Rainbow!!
14. What excites you? Watching Lee Hyori dancing and smiling :P
15. Do you want to cut your hair? Yeah.
16. Are you over the age of 25? No :)
17. Do you talk a lot? I voice my opinions when I feel it is necessary to ensure that the voice of good is being heard :)
18. Do you watch the O.C.? Yeah, bunch of bimbos in my view lol...
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? lol, yeah.
20. Do you make up your own words? All the timeszzzzzeszzz.
21. Are you a jealous person? Yep, very very jealous and possessive and insecure.
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A' Aaron.
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K' None.
24. Who's the first person on your received call list? I can't remember.
25. What does the last text message you received say? Errr, some marketing msg.
26. Do you chew on your straw? Straw? What the heck...
27. Do you have curly hair? Nope.
28. Where's the next place you’re going to? The bathroom and then my study room.
29. Who's the rudest person in your life? Some bitch working at work and some bitch at a sunglass shop.
30. What was the last thing you ate? Rice.
31. Will you get married in the future? Marriage is a thing of the past. Today, it's all about polygamy and harems.
32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks? Musa and Battle of Wits. They're Korean and Chinese films.
33. Is there anyone you like right now? Lee Hyori. She goddamn hot!
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? Can't remember. I love my mum. Hi MUM!
35. Are you currently depressed? I am always depressed. Depression is something that not everyone can have. I am proud.
36. Did you cry today? No but I shoudl...
37. Why did you answer and post this? Very Very good question. THis questions makes me feel like an idiot... lol And where is the 38th question?
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. If you wanna have some fun, then it's everyone on my favorite blog reads. Do it, it's not as boring as you think.

This includes you MAX and Amel! Yeah, I know you guys did 38 before but being tagged again means you should do another 38 lol... I am mean, what can you do.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Game... Or An Illusion?

I sit here in front of my quiet, newly customised computer pondering... The night is quiet, there is a light breeze slipping into my room and my folks are asleep. A great evening to think.

I just had to write this.

I have just finished reading a most insightful, interesting and eye-opening book in my life. This is not something I admit readily for I have read hundreds of books, possibly into the thousands and this book, despite its non-conventional nature comes out very high on my list of good reads. Of course, it's not as well woven like that of Jeffery Archer nor have the characteristic flow of a Jack Higgins but just the nature and the message of the book makes you feel enlightened.

The book is called "The Game" by Neil Strauss. Most people outside of US probably have not heard of it but the title itself pretty much gives away its content and I believe most people would understand what "The Game" means.

Putting it simply, it's a catch phrase for men (or women) who engages in activities to pursue the opposite (or even the same) sex. In other words, these guys plays the game by using a range of tactics and strategies to ensnare their "prey", screw them and then discard them. Men who plays the game are called "Players" and women are often called "Playettes", however also acknowledged as 'hos (whores), sluts, tramps etc etc.

SO this book details the transformation of a man, an insecure man called Neil Strauss who "penetrates" or rather joins the society of pick-up artists (PUA), learn from the, creates an alternative self called "Style" and using Style to become a Player.

Throughout his journey, he meets various mPUA's (Master Pick-up Artists) such as David DeAngelo, Ross Jefferies and of course, the infamous or rather famous Mystery himself. He learns from each of these artists who have their own method such as "Speed Seduction" or the "Mystery Method". He also goes on various seminars and workshops throughout the world including Perth and teaches various Average Frustrated Chumps (AFC's) how to pick up women and play the game... Finally he creates his own method combined from all these artists and he now calls himself the world's best pickup artist.

The book create 11 chapters with the process of picking up and includes select a target to demonstrate value to blasting last minute resistance. According to Strauss, from the moment he decides to pick up his target and to sex, the duration is anywhere between the same day to the time he calls her. Of course, like any good story, he always succeeds and never fails until the last girl who he marries hahaha! Somewhat unrealistic but definitely a good read!

If you read it, you'll know what I mean by very interesting. It is a best seller on Amazon and so it should be.

Firstly, I want to outline the good points of the book. One, it's a good read and provides a very good background of how to improve self image and becoming a player hahaha! (Spend money, spend time and it would seem that every guy can become a Player lol). Two, the messages are good and as much degrading it is to women, the ultimate message is very good.

Now moving onto the bad points. One, it never details any failures and this somewhat accentuates the true nature of the book, that is, it's designed to excite and convey a message. In reality, despite this guy's successes, I am pretty sure he would have failed and in those failures, killed his own self-morale even more and made him want to try harder to do something that bears little practicality on life. Two, it is highly encouraging to guys to .. well.. become a player. Due to the fact that the book does not detail any failures, it kind of idolise this guy and makes everyone feel that by trying, everyone can become a player and I seriously doubt this. This has a negative side as guy will try and burn and this burning will lead them to more failures and ultimately, possible self-destruction. Of course, persistence is good and trying gives a guy a better chance than none but the way this guy details is really a hilarious way to pick-up women.

Then again, I am failing to neglect the fact that all his pick-ups are restricted to club girls or strip club girls and rarely any outside of these places. According to him, picking up intelligent girls are easier than party-happy girls with attention deficit disorder, yet he seems to pick up girls in clubs with ADD lol!

Finally, this is degrading to women. He sends across a message that ALL women are the same and that they want excitement from their otherwise mundane lives. Pretty much in the earlier parts of the book, he is saying that he can pick up any women no matter what their background as he can provide them with fun and well... excitement lol! This is illustrated by the fact that he managed to pick-up the girlfriend of his best friend in Belgrade, amusing no?

Now, this kind of makes a guy including me very much disillusioned in the female species because by rationality, I feel that in many ways, what he is saying is true and as much as I want to believe otherwise, he has an advantage over other guys.

Of course, he makes up for this near the end by saying that as degrading and degenerating the game is having on his life, the boost in self-confidence is extremely important and I feel this is possibly the most important message he has to convey to all guys.

Girls will always be girls and no matter how hard we try, their thinking process will always be the same and they will always want something a guy like him can provide. So the only thing guys who does not want to become players to do is be self-confident, do his best to be himself and hope to god that a girl can see this and be attracted for what he is, not a game he has created to ultimately screw her. Because confidence allows you to attract others and from reading this book, I realised that we all need to be more confident. I have known that everyone is insecure in their own ways but that to attract someone who can love you for who you are and be with you for the rest of yourself, you need to be confident and be who you are. If they want excitement or something you can't offer, then let them go to guys who can provide this and be happy, or just get screwed and tossed away. Of course, I am not saying to surrender because by being confident and being yourself means doing things that are more exciting and this can be done by being yourself I feel. Confidence is really the game, not just routine, lines, set-openers, closers and sex. While sex is always good, it's not the only thing.

At this stage, I feel like I am trying to convince myself that we guys who does not want to become players or we guys who can't be players (I think I can if I tried hard enough or spent enough money but that's not who I am and not someone who I want to be...). So I'll leave you with the final comments in the book by the "man" himself to think about.

"... And though I learned everything there is about attraction, seduction and courtship in the past two years, I learned nothing about maintaining a healthy relationship. Being together has required alot more time and work than learning to pickup women ever did, but it has brought me far greater satisfaction and joy. Perhaps that's because it is not a game"

Hahaha, so in conclusion, guess what, reading that must be some kind of epiphany for people I reckon. So let's summarise my various random thought and just condense them. I feel the book is good and that learning how to pick-up women is not a bad thing. It improves your chances of dating and being together with someone. However, I feel that it is wise not to trust everything that is being conveyed by the book because well, it is to generate controversy and excitement after-all. So by all means try to become a player, but use the skills for good, that is to obtaining and maintaining a relationship, not to screw women and use them. I am sure the author agrees with me on this and he himself, is a very manipulative person I think haha!

In my closing words, sometimes, being the best, the wise, or in this case, the master of pick-up does not mean they are "the one" because in the end, we are all human and being human means
that we all can be wrong. As the quote goes, "to err is human but to forgive is divine". As cool as it sounds to become a player, these guys often think they are the shit and this is an illusion in itself because it closes them to further learning and only through learning can be become better. So by all means learn but innovate rather than imitate.

Smile, Be Confident, Be yourself and Improve where possible. That is the game. I'd rather be playing this game than something that has little resemblance in life. Spending my time buying weird clothes, being extremely manipulative, rote learning pick-up lines and drinking into oblivion does not sound as well as having fun with friends, buying nice looking clothes and enjoying the experiences of life.

Then again, this is me and I know what I am capable of, so I guess I am luckier than many.

As I continue writing, I realise how I am just a goddamn think machine. I am continuosly outhinking myself and trying to find arguments to outwit myself and as I type this, I look at it with a huge smirk on my face hahaha!

Opps, now I realised something else, nothing remaining static is good for you, and hence it is impossible for me to draw an ultimate conclusion on my view of this book, the game, becoming a player or just becoming a better self.

My conclusion is that Smile, Be Confident, Be yourself and Improve where possible is the game I want to play. So, I hope anyone who reads this blog will seek out this book, read it and come to your own conclusion.

And oh, being a player does not make a guy any cooler than the rest Just means that the girls they're picking up are probably sluttier and easier lol :P

Until next time, enjoy life!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Today, I want to have a look at the topic of insecurity, and apply it in particular to myself... A self reflection exercise if you may...

I have realised that these days, I am growing more and more focused on my looks and how I dress and no matter how well I dress, it takes alot of convincing in the mirror to say "yep, you look good". Of course, past experiences has not helped me with resolving this issue either.

So I figured that this arose out of insecurity about myself and I thought, when will I grow out of this? I liked my old self, where I actually thought about life rather than look at mirrors and how others dress. I feel... inferior and crude...

Insecurity is defined by Wikipedia as "a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving oneself to be unloved, inadequate or worthless"

Sounds very much like me haha, except I have somewhat perfected an outer exterior or "Cool, Calmness and Collected" - Something that I am proud of but something I want to be more true than just a shield...

So in an attempt to somehow help myself, I looked in various places and bought myself a book called The Freud Reader - yeah, the one and only Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. It's a thick book that details his various essays and I have yet to make a decent progress on it.

But I have stumbled something shorter and more concise in Wikipedia (don't you just love Wikipedia? If one can absorb all it's information, man, imagine what the person will be like!). The thing I stumbled was called Erikson's stages of psychosocial development - Very informative, go have a look!

So, as I read, I figured I have mastered my earlier childhood well.

The first stage question (Birth to 18 months): Where the fuck am I? :P

I am in China, Beijing, proud 3000 years old civilization that contributed to the world the four amazing inventions of papermaking, gunpowder, compass and printing.

The second stage: (1.5 to 3 years): Do I need help from others or not?

I am not sure what I figured when I was 3 years old but today, I realise I need help from others. We all need help from others, united we stand, divided we fall.

The third stage: 3-6 years: How moral am I?

I feel I have strong morals. I have set ideals on what I should and should not do and I have enough self-will to ensure that I carry these out.

The fourth stage: 7-12: Am I good at what I do?

Am I? What am I good at? I am good at nothing. I have no particular skills that I can fall back on, no natural gifts except my mind. I think and I do. That is all I have.

The fifth stage: 12-18: "Who am I, and what is my goal in life?"

Here is a stage that I have yet to complete successfully. I don't know who I am nor what is my goal in life. As a kid, I always wanted to be a businessman, grow rich, be tactit, diplomatic and resourceful in earning alot of money. I want to have mistresses and succeed in life by have money and power. Yet, I am at a stage of my life where I am questioning this. Just who am I and what do I really want out of life? Am I a such dangerous manipulative person who can be very rich or am I just a simple person who is somewhat intelligent, enough to be modest and well off in this life. I need to work on this.

Ok, the rest stages is too complex and I need to truly understand it further so I have bought the book: The Life Cycle Completed: A Review

Go read it, it sounds interesting.

In wrapping up, what has been my point?

y point is that I have yet to discover the source of my insecurity and I need to look further into the area of psychology and understand myself better to progress in life.

My point was to inform you all of the topic of insecurity. Many of you may sometimes, just sometimes, sit there and wonder who you are, what you are doing and just exactly what is wrong with your life. Well, it's time to go on a journey to discover yourself and help yourself avoid the impact of a mid-life crisis.

Until next time, adios amigos!

P.S. Here are the photos :D

Guess Wally! If you can't, count three from the left :)

The room in a minute silence for the decease Chinese girl, Jiao Dan

The party about to get underway!!

Yeah, hot "Indian" dancing girls". Nooo, they're not Indian, they're Chinese. The photos don't do them justice, they're prettier :D

My co-hosts: Cute? Pretty? You Decide...

I am the one in the yellow shirt practising our speech.

Dinner, I think blue suits me...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guess Who's Back

Wooo, long time no see everyone!

Hope you're all doing well :) I think it's been a month since my last post, exciting isn't it! I felt refreshed... well kind of if you don't consider the fact I havn't slept for the past 24 hours trying to put together my customised PC, but I did it!!

It's that time of the year for everyone, well students I guess... Assignments flooding in, I have 3 pieces left all due in 2 weeks and then exams 2 weeks after... which I have not revised for... :) I'm lovin' it!!

Something bad happened recently in Perth, a Chinese girl called Jiao Dan from Changsha in China was murdered and sexually assaulted metres from her house... It was very tragic and at this banquet I co-hosted, we observed a minute of silence for her...

Speaking of banquet, I have some wonderful pictures of me co-hosting a 2oo people banquet at the Chinese Commerce Centre in Perth. I'll load them up tomorrow or the day after, or maybe the day after... haha, well when I get the chance, I think you might find it amusing to laugh at my hairstyle, I need a haircut...

On another totally random topic, I've been thinking about insecurity... It's something I have witnessed in everyone and it's quite interesting and I have done some research... I'll get back on everyone on this area and my thoughts :)

Finally but not the least, HOW IS EVERYONE??? I hope you all are doing absolutely fantastic and I have missed blogging and reading all your blogs, simply put, I have been lazy and had no time... I am very regretful... I'll make it up when I get a chance :DD

See you in a few days!!! With lots of pictures and exotic (and sexually alluring) Chinese Indian Dancing Girls!!! Yeah, you heard it, Chinese Indian dancing girl pictures at the banquet, ooo, belly dancing, sexy :P

P.S. Amel, DP, Mich, Max, thanks for checking up, missed your posts. Fun and Delightful, Hilarious and Outrageous, Thoughtful Yet Sincere and Mind Boggling.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost Quiet

I hope you are all doing well, greetings to everyone on my blogroll (Amel, Choc Mint Girl, Zhu, Crow's Feet, DP, Evil, Max, Monday Morning Power, PFC, Jeff)..

I just finished visiting everyones blogs and it seems it's like that for everyone. People seems to have began blogging less so I guess it's that time of the year for everyone isn't it? Haha, don't work too hard ladies and gents, enjoy life a bit.

These days, it seems I am losing my thinking abilities. I don't seem to be able to theorise about the many things in life anymore and I feel a bit disappointed as to why. I want to do that but everything seems to revolve about how to better manage my time and use it to better to get my life moving faster than it is - for example, getting a better job, studying harder, earning more money to have a trip around Asia, and even how to take out a mortgage. And I am only 19...

I feel old.

So I began to think why? Then I realised it's really the environment and the people you surround yourself with. They play a major part on how you think and what you want to do.

It's good, very good so don't get me wrong, a bit tiring and time consuming but it's making me more mature, think more about the practical issues in life which in many ways are more useful than me theorising because to theorise, I must have time haha!

So I am going to enjoy the ride. But of course, with my mind, random things are still gonna pop out so watch out for that odd post about my philosophy of the world huh, haha!

And it's almost spring here, I am looking forward to starting afresh in a new season and I hope everyone will too when spring arrives for you!

For now, I will leave you all with some photos of myself at a banquet. This was the 1st Anniversary of a Chinese Newspaper in Perth called Asia Times. Until next time, work hard and play hard everyone ^_^

Me on the right.

Me on the left.

Me with the glass that has the most amount of wine.

Wanna guess which one is me? Tip: Look for the ugliest one.

Open up the picture fully, she's the prettiest, very pretty actually. Ok, she HOT.

The shot was a mistake actually but I managed to capture it just as she turned and the photo came out ok haha.

Looks good to me :D

Monday, September 10, 2007


Hola my friends!!

It's been a week people and I am back again!

So what was I up to? I went paint balling! I decided to put thinking onto a backseat and burn some cash...

So yes, burn cash I did, not much but $150 for 3 hours of fun and blowing people's heads with paint!!

On a sunny morning, me and a bunch of friends went to a place south of Perth called Canning Vale. The center was called WASP Paintball. We arrived at 10am in the morning, suited up and was divided into odd and even numbered teams.

We had some practise shots (my gun jammed, shit weapons) before we hit the field. Not much recoil and fairly accurate provided you calibrate by firing few shots in a row...

The first field we hit was an inflatable field. I was on the even numbered. As we rushed to take our defensive positions, I noticed that there was 3 people lined out from the left of a bunker. So I decided to take some pot shots and guess what? 2 was hit, what a bunch of morons hahaha!

The first game we won 2-0, so easy...

The second game was a jungle course where there was a lot of bushes for hiding and sniping from. In this round, I took my position behind a wall and took shots from this position primarily. Unfortunately in a while, I was the only one left and before I realised it, some guy crawled up behind and shot me in the chest... So sad... The score was 1-1

The third game involved a barrels course. This round, I decided to take an offensive rush through the middle. Good for me since I took a high position early and got a clear view before the other team was ready and still moving. A girl very sadly was too slow and I managed to get a shot on her chest (did you know girls gets body armour? Hell we have less flesh and we don't... so unfair lmao! Then again, we don't need our chests for breeding kids... ^__^) before I crawled down. Then I decided to take the right flank and advance with backup. Unfortunately the defense was camping (like always, damned campers) and I got hit 3 times from the left AND the right flank defense and dropped out... The score was 0-2

The fourth game involved defending a fortress. We were invading the first round and our team encircled the entire fortress totally. The defense are not allowed out so we had an huge advantage. After 5 minutes of camping, I crawled and ran up next to the wall and started clearing out the defense. Once you are next to the wall, it's virtually impossible for defense to take you out unless they knew your positions. So the result was obvious, we totally killed! The score was 1-1

We defended in the second half and unfortunately, what I did happened to me and I got headshotted by a blue ball, very very sad...

The fifth game involved a speedrun with obstacles close to each other. The aim is to rush, take out as much of the enemy as you can and then camp and pick off. I went into sniper mode and just crawled into a bush area and just sniped. With a clear view and obstacles left and right, I had much cover and took out 2 players before I got hit in the arm as I moved positions... The score was 0-2

The hard part was that the helmet kept fogging up which was shit since without clear view, you can't shoot shit...

So before I wrap this post up, let me offer some tips before I forget!

1) On the word go, rush and take your positions on either the left or the right flank. Middle is dangerous unless there is a lot of obstacles to keep you safe.

2) The start of the game relies heavily on camping and sniping from your position.

3) Once a few players has been taken out, then advance and leapfrog should you have a partner. Always run zig zag and behind covers. Check your exposed side for any campers when moving or shooting.

4) Once you have found a new position, snipe away. Ensure your head pops out from different places when looking. Ensure you legs and arms are behind cover. Expose your head for no more than 3 seconds. Pop out at one place, survey enemy positions, pop out from a different location of the barrier and shoot. Adopt guerrilla warfare :)

5) Ensure when you are moving, your weapons are held level.

6) The game relies heavily on camping and sniping and only you should go on the offensive at the end with few players. However, changing positions is important but not necessarily forward :) Change on your sides and be careful of snipers and surprise attacks.

7) Wear thick clothing, drink lots of energy drinks, have fun and oh, bring $ haha. It cost me $50 for 300 rounds and on average, I blew 100 round per game which consists of two parts :) It was worth it since I took out at least 10 players. I had a 10-5 kill ratio so it wasn't too bad for a total amateur. Still, we lost 4-6 to the odd team but we can't help it, they had some professionals who had $450 customized weapons that was lighter and more accurate and the guys was way more experienced... Still, it was hell fun and we all enjoyed it!! Can't wait until the next time!!

Paintball: Worth living for, worth dying for, worthwhile getting headshots for, Amen!

BTW here's some pictures:

Find Wally: I am on the row that is standing. Count front the right. See that guy with the mask and dog tag on? No that's not me, see the guy standing to him? Yeah that's me. Or if you are still confused, look at the back row (the standing row) and count from the left. I am the sixth one with that big grin...

Here's a closer up picture of me posing. I tried be angry... I am the guy on the right, not the left...

Me trying to be neutral against these two happy hippies and their "Asian" V signs... I'll be more Asian than most "Asians" who claim to be Asians. Damned hippies. Being Asian involves a mind like no other. Just 'cause you're making a V doesn't make you Asian. Damned hippies... Ok, enough about hippies.. Damned hippies :P

Another one of me on the right. It seems I happen to like the right... You think the girl is pretty? Some of my friends think she is... But I give her 6/10. Am I shallow? Ah well, I am shallow then... I hope she is not reading my blog... If so, this is NOT my blog. It's a blog by some other Asian hippy called Shan... If you are reading by some zillion chance, you are pretty, I am just joking. I'll really give you 50/10. That's ummm 500% :D. Don't be angry, then some girls are prettier when they are angry no? I have no idea what I am talking about, it's the sugar

Me on the left, helmet in hand ready to kick some ass and fire some headshots!

Wanna guess? I'm the one in the middle. To ID, look at my blue collar :)

Sorry I didn't have any photos of me in action. It was rushed during the day and I didn't trust the referees with my camera. Next time, I promise some more photos of me with my gun posing as GI Joe huh :D. Even better, I'll bring me camcorder with someone shooting me in action getting headshots! Bwhahaha! I swear I am damned war-freak. If anything, I was a soldier in my previous life. I have a damned uncanny attraction towards guns and warfare...

Here's some more of me resting at home and eating food... And one of a highway of Perth :P

Yeah, I'm the one sitting on the couch. And yeah, that's one of my best friend, the bumblebee lying on the floor on the left. If you can see the right, there is also a red sofa with about 10 fluffy toys lined up ranging from pandas to tigers to rabbits... Very useful friends to have when you need to kick and release some energy lol... P.S. Yeah, that's a bar... We have another one in the games room lined with alcohol :) Jealous? You should be...

Yeah, that's my goldfish... Two sole survivors from the weekly change of water... veterans indeed, I salute them!

Hmmm... now where was this one... Oh yeah, it was a Chinese restaurant in the entertainment area of Perth, Western Australia. Like Roppongi in Japan I think, just a whole lot safer, boring, and dull. And yeah, the girls aren't fantastically beautiful either... I am shallow aren't I? But shhh, no one else knows this but you and me. To others, I am a thoughtful and considerate young man who values loyalty and faithfulness :) It's more useful to my future endeavors whatever they maybe... JUST KIDDING! Don't listen to me. Fidelity and loyalty are something that I value above everything. It's important everyone knows that. Hey look, there is me being the typical Asian hippy and "our" V sign... I am such a damned hippy...

P.S. That is called Steamboat or Huo Guo in Chinese...

A highway in the the typical Perth afternoon.

Ok, that's it from me people. I hope you had fun reading all my "shit" today.

And yeah, I am not a big ass, overweight geek who has no life and talk about life in front of a computer all day :P.

Until next time, enjoy life everyone!!

P.S.S. I scored this in the test I saw from Amel!

What color is your personality?

Your personality is green!

You are a curious, and inquisitive person. You have keen observational skills, and enjoy thinking about words. You are shy sometimes, and enjoy your solitude to reflect on nature.

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What was yours?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Interesting Enlightenment

Well, something interesting happened today that made me discover or rather reinforce what I have long felt. It's hard to put what I found into exact words so listen to my story and try to understand...

Today, I met a friend on the bus that I haven't seen for a long time. She used to study a same unit with me and I helped her out with some of her problems, and from there developed an interesting friendship.

From the initial point when I spoke to her, I just changed. I am sure we all do to an extent depending on the person we are with but I just changed. I am not exaggerating. I became... well I went into overdrive with my thinking process. I just went hyperactive throwing jokes and conversing like there was no tomorrow. Hard to say what I turned into but something of extreme happiness and friendliness. Time absolutely flied as we found conversation points on absolutely nothing, it was absolutely amazing...

Eventually it ended as we transferred stations. As I walked, I reflected as to what just happened and I realised something.
For guys, certain girls can really bring out the best in you provided the guy has a decent nature to use initially. I mean their (girl) behaviour can really reinforce and take you to a whole new level. The compatibility of people's personalities is quite amazing and I never realised just how amazing until today and I am sure my eyes will be enlightened even more in the near future.
I feel like I have so much more to say but pretty much the gist of what I have discovered is outlined above. That is, guys can change dramatically (well at least I know I can) when with certain girls. Of course, this definitely applies to girls as well... Well I hope so...

I realised that the person I have described above is really who I enjoy being particularly when I am with a lady. I want to be able to make her laugh, to make her carefree and to make her happy. Being a quiet and thoughtful person is something that's useful in business situations but not in others... Hence, I discovered something today from this one girl that I havn't seen for a such long time that reinforced what I have so long felt. Talk about transformative experiences...

I have discovered something about the girl I like being with, the person I like being, the nature of compatibility and finally to cap it off, a quote that I find truly describes how I feel in many ways:
Behind every strong man is a strong woman

A bit cliche but how true... how absolutely true.

You know, I wasn't going to make this post because it sounds so corny yet as I watched a re-run of the movie "Something about Mary" and just something about Cameron Diaz's character set me off and I knew I had to make this summary of what I discovered today. A strong girl makes me a stronger guy while a weaker girl makes me more insecure and less stronger and as I type this, it just sounds so damned true.

Something for the future to remember...

Anyway, am really tired so if my post seems a bit incoherent in some ways, I apologise but if all else fails, just read my quote and you'll get the gist of my post.

Meanwhile, like usual, enjoy LIFE!!


P.S. My move in employment certainly brought fruits soon enough! I will be doing two courses soon with one being Basic Management Training (BMT) and the other being Advanced Food Safety (AFS). Looking forward to being a manager, it's about time! It's true people, don't fear change, embrace it and it will bring benefits! Like the saying, if the old don't go, the new won't come :D

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful song called Close To You by The Carpenters:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Recap of the Month

Hey everyone!

It's almost the end of August and as I sit here, I am wondering what I should write. Then I suddenly realised it has been just 6 months since the start of my blog on April 29th, 2007!

You know, it has been an absolutely fantastic 6 months and during this period, most of you have been with me through my ups and downs. During this period, I have found my blog as a wonderful outlet for excessive energy and creative emotions. More so, I have gained many wonderful friends in the world of blogging.

It's been fun so far everyone and I intend to make it better! But all will come in good time haha!

So, let me recap some of my favorite articles in the past six months before August goes into the Archives of History! Lets start with the month of April!



A New Beginning --> My very first post!

For you said, "love in love" kids out there --> A quite amusing derogatory article. One of my favorites until in time I realised that it takes one to know one hahaha!


Love Is War --> An cursory examination of the concept Love. A little summary I did early in the morning...

Cool or Loser --> Again, my creative juices flowing overtime. I decided to hypothesize and come up with a real definition for the words "cool" and "loser". Everyone must have thought of this sometime in their life right?

Love, Fidelity and the Whole Crazy Thing --> Must I explain? Read it, you'll enjoy it!

Self Discipline --> Something I totally lack of. Maybe the articles I found will help you!

Miss Universe - A Critique --> Hot Asian Babes Critic in Play! My review of the 2006 Miss Universe selection. Be warned ladies, languages may offend!

June (One of the most emotional turbulent eras of my life so far...)

Factors Needed For A Successful Relationship - Part 1 --> Well, I don't need to explain any further. This was something I did out of sheer boredom. Personally, I felt it was one of the best analysis I ever did without any major research hahaha! Of course, the readers thought otherwise... Have a read, you'll laugh for sure!

How Much Heart Should You Put In --> Mammoth article examining how much one should put into a relationship. Something I did when I should have been studying. I think I was a bit tired that day when I wrote it hahaha!

Reality - Harsh Or In Fact Enlightening? --> A turning point in my confused times. I realise once when you look at the reality, many things are easily resolved. It is indeed an enlightment. An epiphany if you like.

Middle Eastern Wars - A Thought and A Prayer --> My thoughts on the invasion of Gaza by the terrorist group Hamas.


Trust --> A betrayal that stung me quite painfully. Something I will never forget. That day is a day that will come to influence my thoughts for a long time. A disillusionment with the human race (females in particular)...

8 Things About Me --> Want to learn more about this shallow, insecure, sex obsessed weirdo? Read on!

A Short Poem --> If you can understand the meaning of the poem, then I don't need to explain. It's all there in 4 simple sentences...


Disillusionment --> One of the recent topics that touched on my nerves a bit. Something we all have no doubtly experienced at sometime of our life.

Nostalgic Moment --> A perhaps test for my inner resolve and a test of my existing feelings. I am glad the turbulent times have passed. I don't think I ever want to experience another one like it.

Not Myself --> Most recent article explaining my most recent frustration :P

Ok, that was a massive recap!! I think I will try to do monthly recaps from now on rather than every 6 months hahaha!

But you know, going through the archives brought back a lot of interesting memories. My blog has became something like a diary hasn't it? I think it's a good thing provided I learn from it. After all, knowledge is what makes us who we are!

Hope you all will have found something interesting you haven't seen before!

Best wishes!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Myself...

Today has been interesting...

Firstly I had work. Secondly I had dinner at a Korean restaurant with a beautiful lady in green.

Yet throughout the entire evening, I did not feel like myself. I have no words to describe my feelings... It's a mixture of regret, discomfort and emptiness I think...

I have no idea why: The company was fabulous, the night was cool and comforting and so was the food. Yet I am unable to show my true self, the perhaps happy and exciting side. The witty side.

A friend once told me that it's because I am nervous, afraid of doing something wrong and in a way, it is true though consciously I did not feel this way.

Things I have said and done tonight was ... well rude in hindsight. I realise I do these things to protect my fragile innerself, to protect my own insecurity. The friend wants a cheerful company and I was unable to provide 100%, maybe just 70%... I feel regrettable about this and in many ways sorry.

I just came to a sudden realisation that it's a defence mechanism exhibited by my mind. To hurt and to attack before I get hurt or attacked. I can't believe I didn't realise this earlier, it's been so obvious...

Ahhh it seems I have difficulty in stopping this... it's quite difficult... The only good solution I can think of is think well before I talk and be more withheld. Yet somehow, I think I'll still end up feeling empty...

For now, I'll do my best in being more careful with my words. That is, if I have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

You know, it's funny that in hindsight, I was never like this before with this lady. It's been only in the recent times I have turned this way. My mind, it's damned interesting...

Lady in green, if you are reading this, I promise you I'll do my utmost to be myself and as a better company next time!

Thanks for listening me rant everyone, please feel free to offer advices, comments or the occasional abuse lol. They say we grow through suffering, how damned true it is hahaha!

See you all soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Do You Get For A Girl's Birthday?

Ahh just a quick post before I head off to bed.

Simple question, what do you get for a girl's birthday? Someone asked me recently and I had absolutely no idea. I hastily made up some answer along the lines of "oh that's easy, get her flowers and get a her "saying it with flowers book". I figured that was a smart move since it made me sound like I knew what I was talking about and was an appropriate answer... lol...

Maybe not in hindsight...

But it is a good question isn't it and it would depend on the length you know the girl right? As a friend, what can you get? Jewelry is somewhat unsuitable and expensive. What about shoes or clothes? Purse? Perfume?

Alcohol? Uhhhh, maybe not...

But what can you get that will guarantee it being actually utilised for the purpose it was designed and bought for rather than being tossed somewhere in the maze of a girl's bedroom?

How about some sex toy? I recently visited this sex shop called "Libido" in Perth with some people and saw this 10" dildo for uhh, didn't see the price... Ummm ok, this was inappropriate but apologies, just trying to cover all my bases lol... Please ignore my weird remark... It's DP's fault, his wacky remarks is infectious... blame him!

Yeeaaahh, so get back to me on this one people lol, what do you get for a girls birthday and what factors should you consider?

Looking forward to some wise replies as usual!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Nostalgic Moment

As I finished work today, I climbed down the stairs and began a short trip towards the train station. As I walked, a tiny drizzle of rain began coming down from the cloudy sky, slowly but steadily.

I was engrossed much in my thoughts until I realised I had walked by a very familiar shop, a shop that I had worked for the past 2 years. As I glanced inside, I noticed many familiar faces with a most notable one in a blue shirt.

My heart began to pound as I pondered whether I should go in and say hi. Many things suddenly rushed through my mind and I had a small sense of nostalgia. Then I realised something important and I began to walk away, in a way like the rain, slowly but surely.

In this life, there are some things that are can't be explained by science. Sometimes the only explaination we have is reality or maybe the reality we want...

Sometimes, some of us are just luckier than the rest and they don't even know it...

On a lighter note, I recently subscribed to the newsmagazine, TIME for one year. I have absolutely no idea why but like the thing with the jade, I suddenly developed a fascination and just felt somewhat compelled to buy it. I figured one whole year of in-depth knowledge about world events is world a mere A$139. It makes a good combination to my mobile news which is good and frequent but simple.

What do you think? Worth it?

Hope you enjoyed this post and it made you think a bit...

Best wishes and sweet living everyone... Shan.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ahhh, neglected haha.

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has been checking my blog. I know it's been a while but things have been a bit too much in the past 2 weeks. I have been visiting everyone's blogs from various locations and they have been interesting!

So, a bit of update of my life. University is settling down and so is the jobs. And yeah, that is pretty much it hahaha.

But let's move onto something I recently began to think of and that's the Y generation and their ability to plan. Well, ability to plan is not exactly what I was thinking but let me explain a bit further.

I was recently have a chat with a friend at university just before a lecture about his business and the plans for his future. He is 26, has a fast food business in China and his wife is having their first child on the weekend (Good luck!). As I was talking to him, we eventually moved onto what I planned for my future. When I outlined a very rough one to him, he surprised me by saying how nice it is to see someone so young to have a such plan.

My first initial reaction was "no, he is flattering me way too much - what a good ego stroker". But he outlined why he thought so and I then began to think of my conversations with a number of young people - which somewhat confirmed what he said:

Young people today has no plans for their future. They are not ambitious enough, content with a secure job and fairly good pay and then ultimately partying.

Of course, I am not saying partying is a bad thing since "enjoy life" is my motto but when you are between the age of 18 to 25, this is where everything begins. If you do not start to plan and work hard to allow those plans to become reality, in time, you'll realise how your youth has been wasted on activities that proved to be absolutely non-essential to your future. In other words, you will regret it. Or maybe it's just me, I am not content with what I have and I kind of get bored with things after a while. I need new and exciting things... My attention span is too low...

You know, sometimes, as I walk through the city of Perth at the nights (or even during the days), I see these bums and I feel this surge of sympathy and fear. Sympathy because I feel sorry for them and fear because I don't want to become them.

Of course, I could just lay back, find a decent job, take out a mortgage, get married and then support the wife and the house for the next 20 years. But somehow, I just don't think I can do that. My personality doesn't quite lend itself to such ideals. While all of us want to do that in some ways, when I see successful people with good clothes and cars and jewelery, I kind of feel inadequate and in another way regret. Regret because if I don't take advantage of opportunities arising for me or don't create opportunities for myself, then I will never be able to do that.

Moreover, for those of you who remember some of my first blogs, I intend to treat my future wife like a queen but to do that, I need the dough hahaha!

Ok, I feel I have nagged enough and reassured myself enough lol... So moving onto a lighter note, let's talk about jade.

Recently, I have developed a sudden fascination with jade, or rather, high quality jade. I have heard from people top quality jade are able to transform when worn with a person for a while. It's lines adapt to the body when worn over time. If anyone knows how or where to buy one, feel free to leave a comment :)

I will endeavour to make more posts each week!

Best wishes and enjoy life everyone!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A New Thought

These days it seems I am undergoing some interesting growth...

I believe I am, as a person, becoming more cynical, becoming more selfish, becoming more focused on my own gains above all. My thought process seems to be hardening, becoming somewhat more ruthless, well, when necessary of course.

I have been thinking and wondering why and I can't seem to find an answer except the people that I am associating with. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing of course :)

On a lighter note, work is really so crap. Two jobs plus uni is really becoming a burden on me. Not that it's a bad thing, more money for me and I get to meet more lovely Asian ladies.

It seems I have absolutely nothing more interesting to say. Yeah, it seems my capacity to think is becoming increasingly limited. But it also seems in recent times my capacity to bullshit random stuff under pressure is becoming quite good. I think that'll be a good tool to use in my future endeavors whatever they may be.

Oh yeah, I had a wonderful evening with a most lovely lady. I thank you for the pleasure princess ^_^

Until next time, have a good night (or day) ladies and gents. Enjoy life!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So I sit here, 2 AM in the morning thinking.

Finally, I found some time to read the wonderful blogs of my blogging associates. As I read each one carefully, I realise just how diverse but similar we are in our thought patterns... Similarly, a pattern emerged for me...

My friend DP for example, blogged about his Resident Evil experiences. On another hand, Amel blogged about some of the wonderful things that recently happened in her life. Zhu decided to focus on her past travel experiences while Max likewise focused on her husband and her experience of being married. Jeff did his NEWSFLASH while to round things off, Michelle posted a beautiful video.

We are different in the areas we blog but what we ultimately do is that we blog our experiences. We write down our experiences for others to see, to comment and perhaps, to understand.

Me? I do the same. Well, most of the times. Today, I am going to blog about my disillusionment with the female species. The topic? Betrayal of trust. It seems everything I see these days have a degree of betrayal in them. I recently watched the movie "Minority Report" where the guy stabs his wife or wanted to for sleeping with a stranger. That kind of capped off everything I have heard and in a weird way, experienced.

Help me here because I don't understand. Why do people betray the trust of others? If you can't be honest, then be fucking straight and make the point clear: "I can't be honest with you". It's not hard. You know what the conclusion I came down to? A fucking lack of moral ethics and a poor damned upbringing. It's true, not everyone is created equal but for christ sake, have a code of honor is not so hard to follow is it?

I recently read what Jeff wrote about disillusionment. You give someone your trust, you expect it to be betrayed. I came to summarize it as: Trust is there to be betrayed. You know, these days, I am turning into a major cynic or rather, pessimistic person. I can't help it, the human race and the experience of growing up and associating with people is making me turn into that. It's absolutely true what an old Chinese adage went: By nature, all men (and women) is good.

But we are corrupted by the people we associate with, the environment we live in and the things we see and hear. Under such adversity, we simply can't stand the tide but turn in the corrupt things we want to repel. Disillusionment with the female species is kind of turning me into someone who can't uphold what he swore to never do. Associating with people who reinforce that disillusionment doesn't help.

What is the solution? Find people who can help you turn that tide. But that is a little catch 22 isn't it? You would still trust people to help you but what if they betray you? Ahhhh...

What's the solution? We trust ourselves? We betray others before they can betray us? We hurt them first? We put up a shield that no one can get through fully? It's an endless circle of riddles...

The only answer I came to was trust the mind and it's values and beliefs over the heart under all situations. Analyse situations and factors in your position and the position of the other person. Make a judgment and follow that judgment. That way, any betrayal of trust will likely be anticipated and if not, have less impact on yourself.

But let me know YOUR solution. DO you have a solution that will resolve this kind of dilemma?

Until next time, I hope you are resting well and not thinking too much like me because frankly, I am tired. Enjoy life...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Almost Judgement Day

Well everyone, today is Friday. It is 10:32 PM in Perth, GM +8:00. What am I trying to say? That university is coming to back in roughly in 2 days. This means the follow: assignments, deadlines, group meetings, lack of sleep, cramming, expenditure of money on food. Yes, it is very painful and very, very boring. I wanna die. But ok, enough about my death wishes, let's talk about something good.

Good thing number 1: I had dinner with a most wonderful Korean host (fabulous personality, so cheerful and bubbly). It was superbly delightful. It was Korean BBQ, you know, one of those tables with a grill for coal in it that BBQ the meat. Kinda interesting except the slowness of eating kind of made me more hungry, should have went to a place that had cooked meat lol. The food was like lettuce wrapped with BBQ meat along with soybean sauce and rice. Tasty but not enough as main dish, more like an appetizer...

On an interesting note, I was observing the waitresses. I was so tempted to ask one of them the following question: "Did you have plastic surgery?" haha. I think I would have been abused if I asked that question so I felt it was best left alone. But the beauty of the waitress was very impressive. Hmmm, what if I linked that up? "Are you sure you didn't have plastic surgery because you look absolutely fabulous" ---> Lol, yeah that'll have worked and got a laugh out of her :P

Good thing number 2: Ummm, can't think of any. I can't classify work as good thing. Well, saw Blood Diamond. Fantastic movie, very ahh moving. Leonardo Di Caprio is a good actor.

On a bad side of things: I suck at karaoke. Yeah, I am crap. But I am absolutely surprised at the ability of others to sing them. More amazingly, their memories of the tunes are most impressive.

Finally to conclude my rambling, I would like to mention a self discovery. On the way back home, I thought about a few things and I realised out of nowhere my primary emotional need and that is security. Then again, don't we all? I realised unless I can have security, I will never be satisfied nor happy. Another thing, these days, thinking absolutely tires me. I think I need to start reducing my time spent in thought, it's tiring. Don't you ever just get a period of time where you just want to stop thinking and looking for hidden messages in everything people say or do and just enjoy life? Well, it seems I'm going through that period. Time to think less and act even less, I think it's better for my health and brain :D

What is your primary emotional need? Can one word describe it or you need more?

Time for sleep, more money earning tomorrow *yawn*. Enjoy life ladies and gentlemen and oh, laugh!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shopping Day

Well, how's everyone been. It seems my blog is turning into my daily diary lol but I think everyone maybe find that more interesting than my daily rambles :P

Anyway, today was a rare day off for me and I spent it productively... sort of productively... Had morning tea (dim sum or 早茶) with a friend. Food was not extremely outstanding but the waitresses were bwhahaha!

After that, I decide to go shopping. I had absolutely no money so it was kind of a day wasted (too much drugs for me lol j/k). But as I sat on one of the benches waiting for the bus, I saw this couple. One was a sort of chubby girl and the other, a sort of tall Indonesian dude. As I sat there, I observed one interesting thing. Everytime a pretty girl came by, his eyes would wander and linger on the girl. The girl of course, noticed nothing and continued to display her affections for him.

I sat there laughing to myself... I then began to think... "Buddy, if you are not satisfied with what you have got, then why continue... It's going to end up with disappointment for the girl so why don't you stop before it's too late".

It's better to really start a relationship when both are fully satisfied with each other's physical appearance first isn't it? That way, any break ups that may occur is a result of intrinsic incompatibility rather than these ahhh trivial things... (well, sort of trivial if you consider the bigger picture). Ok, enough about this stuff.

University will be starting again in roughly one week so I think I will begin to blog less. I'll keep everyone informed of any major changes in my life (not that there is or will be in the near future lol unless you consider paintballing and diving exciting changes)... So please excuse my absence in anytime soon.

I'll still be reading all your blogs so keep up the hard work everyone!!

Regards and best wishes!


P.S. I read an interesting post today at Monday Morning Power. He is on my recommended list. The article is about the power of positive thinking. Interesting, go have a look!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Sad Sad Day

Today, I did a very sad but necessary thing. Remember how I said I was going to defuse a bomb very soon? Well, it was more of a try at defusing the bomb to see whether it was imaginary or real.

Putting what I am saying into context, the bomb is a person (female). Well, a bomb isn't a nice word, I was quite tired last night and that was the best metaphor I could think of... Let's say it was a rose with thorns... I am a person trying to handle that rose and reduce it's barbs to an extent where I can admire it for a lifetime. I hope I made the context clear with this analogy...

So today, I decided to truly see whether I had a chance at reducing the barbs. I had a rough idea of what to expect (The barbs is not reducible, at least not for me or by me...)

The result? As I expected (I guess...): Taking good old Julius Caesar's famous words "I came, I saw, I conquered" and changing it to suit my situation: "I came, I saw, I suffered".

As I walked away, I looked at the skies and felt a very deep sadness. A kind of sadness indescribable by words. Yet in another part of me, I confirmed what I have long felt and is kind of glad things are the way they became because no one lied to each other and did not prolong the situation which could have made it even more saddening... Thinking of things rationally, there really wasn't much of a future... Like the rose said once, we are two worlds apart. Haha, funny how fate is isn't it :)

As I walked, I saw a number of beauties yet rather than admiring them like usual (:P), I felt funny... I felt that they were so ordinary, so ... stupid and boring compared to the rose with thorns I knew. I am guessing this is how you feel at the end of a situation like this.

To Rose: So I say goodbye to you, a special place in my heart you'll always remain... There was never of a future and it is better this way. Best of wish to you and I am sure you'll find the one you need to grant you eternal happiness.

Goodbye and good luck!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Day At Work

Work at new fast food place sucks. Can't be bothered describing it but just that it's generally crap. I think I'm gonna quit in a bit once I settle down in my new job.

I realised trust is a very important thing today. I realised if someone ibroke your trust once, then they will very likely break that trust again. So for trust, it's best not to give them a second chance. Just a bomb waiting to explode... I'm tired of waiting for the bomb to explode, it's going to be defused very very soon.

Sleepy, meeting tomorrow with clients...

'Til next time, have a good nite sleep everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ahh Neglected

Ahhh, it's most unfortunate that I have not been able to post in some time. There has been ahhh... certain stuff on my mind that I had to sort out and hence my blog has taken a second position.

But it feels good to finally get some time to make a post! If you're ever interested, here's a little update:

Firstly, a decision has been made after much thought and that was to change the location of my job. I am currently working in a ahhh food preparation facility (you know what these fancy titles represent I hope haha) in Perth but after much thought and discussion with some friends, I've decided to change to a place 10 minutes from my house. In making this decision, a number of things have been forsaken in order to achieve a primary objective. This objective is of critical importance and despite all the regret felt by one, it was necessary.

Secondly, in the past few days, my expenditure have went through the room. Yes, in 2 days, I spent $500 with one fifth equating to food... Ok, this doesn't sound much but considering I am a penniless student but it's still painful. It's not that I'm stingy, the company with whom the money was spent on was superbly delightful and a number of intangible goals has been achieved at the cost of $100 so I'd say that's a bargain.

Thirdly, I spent last night playing ma jiang from 9pm all the way to 5am in the morning... Right now, I am feeling extremely tired... and need sleep...

So that has been my exciting life so far albeit a few exclusions that shall remain secrets.

On another note, I found out some interesting things about blood types and a persons personality. Supposedly blood type A people can like something for a long time and be quite persistent while B types lose interest in something after a period of time. As for O types, they're generally weird. I found this damned hilarious except it's kind of true... lol...

Unfortunately, there has not been any rationalisation in the times gone and hence no philosophical thoughts. The cause is quite frustrating. Ever been in a position where your heart is in a fight against the mind, gut and instincts? I am kind of in a position like that haha. Right now, the heart has absolutely no ally. On the other hand, the mind, gut and instincts has my friends as their ally and it's absolutely kicking the ass of the heart. So I leave you with something that I have come to term with and that is under all circumstances, ensure reason overcome ones emotions because that way, you are able to see the reality and fall gracefully...

I hope my mind will rest for a bit, so tired and have to interview some people this Friday, shucks... I'll update more often :D

Enjoy life ladies and gentlemen

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Short Poem

After browsing through a bit of articles, I stumbled across an interesting short poem by Abraham Cowley. As for who he is, I am not extremely well versed but I found the poem quite interesting...

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."

Quite nice...

Until next time...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Most Productive Day and Another Random Thought


Today, has been most productive. It seems I have managed to obtain a position as a recruiter for an employment firm in Perth. After lunch with a friend, me and a few other Chinese colleagues met the boss of this firm and had a very interesting chat. A good firm with decent remuneration and a definite good place to obtain work experience and add to my resume. This is a most delightful surprise and has made me extremely happy. I certainly look forward to learning more and of course, gain some experience and money ^_^. My job will very likely involve tapping into the Chinese market and obtain positions for them in their desired industries. Very interesting except the unknowns. But overall, I have absolutely nothing to lose, I'll make more friends and obtain experience, a win win! And of course, making new friends means meeting more girls woot! More fun! Ahem, enough with that....

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's move onto something that has been on my mind for sometime and that is a saying. Translated into English, it is:

"It is most difficult for a hero to pass through the challenge of a beauty".

It means the most difficult thing for a guy aka hero to overcome in many challenges, is the challenge of a beautiful/charming girl. I've been thinking this recently and it is very true isn't it? Men can be trained to overcome ALOT of heavy punishment, yet when it comes to "seduction" or the "beauty challenge", many will crumble. This led me to think just how weak and fragile we men really are. What is one thing that can absolutely bring men down? Women. I recall in the history of China, an emperor was give the choice of his entire empire or one single girl, not an ordinary girl, but one whom he loved most dearly. Guess which he chose? Yeah, the girl. I know, it's kind of stupid, he could have became the emperor and then changed the rules to suit his desires but let's ignore this. The point is that, love and love ONLY is something that can absolutely make or break a man in his life. Everything else is of course still important, but love is the critical factor above everything.

Have a think and get back to me :). Time for bed, so excited! Enjoy life ladies and gentlemen!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

8 Things About Me

Ahh I've been tagged once more to reveal 8 things about myself, this time from my Canadian friend Zhu. Have a look here: Correr Es Mi Destino. I believe I was also tagged by Amel to reveal 8 things about myself as well. Her blog is here: Amel's Realm.

So I'll make it brief :)

1) I have lived in Beijing for the first 9 years of my life. The last 10 years has been in this place called Perth. The contrast is quite surreal coming to think of it now. The most memorable thing was the first breath of air, it was... quite fresh for a lack of better words.

2) I am really lazy.

3) I am a perfectionist. This is quite contradictory to the above but haha, context and situation rules this. Number 3 overrules number 2 is most scenarios.

4) I dislike noisy things. Between a dinner at friends house and a walk along the ocean, I'd choose the latter.

5) I love my German Shepard.

6) I used to breed turtles until they died. Very unfortunate.

7) I have no favorite things. My taste varies depending on the mood I am in which in turn varies alot.

8) I am a Scorpio.

Ok, the above was pretty lame but hey, it's better than nothing. In turn I tag the following people: Amel (ahahahahah, another one for you :P even though this is probably illegal), Max and
our Greek friend, Deadpolite.

I look forward to reading the details and for some, more haha.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


mmm, today, I came to a interesting understanding about an important thing: trust.

Trust is an important thing isn't it? Over time, one has to give a degree of trust to someone and it is often to the person you feel is worthy and capable of holding that trust. In other words, you can't live without it. It is kind of a crazy paradox. You give your trust expecting whatever you expect in full because you trust that person. But the only thing ensuring that is the moral of that person which you trust even though you have absolute no guarantee.

This brings about another interesting paradox. When you do give your trust, it gets betrayed by the least most expected person often at the most inopportune time. This reminds me of the Murphy's Law which states "whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time". Very amusing I think. To have it betrayed brings both pain and a moment of enlightenment. Then questions come to mind:

"Why didn't I see this?", "How could I be so blind?", "How could I given my trust to such a person?", "What the hell was I thinking?", "I am such a idiot!".

These questions requires answers but often one can't find answers to them and have to suffice with self answers... They say a mistake is only a mistake when it is forgotten... Reminds me of an interesting Russian proverb that goes something along the following lines: "Dwelling on the past cost you one eye. Forgetting the past costs you both". So the conclusion I came to was that if trust is betrayed once, give no second chance because it'll be more painful the second time round correct? Alas, this is easier said than done isn't it?

But I came to realise a betrayal of a trust is not necessarily a bad thing particularly if it is discovered early. It shows twos things at a moment's thought:

1) The person has low morals or is simply incapable and worthy of keeping your trust. Therefore be on guard at all times. The person may not be necessarily bad, just incapable... No matter what you are trusting the person with, once agreed, there is a silent code of honor that needs to be upheld at all cost no? People today seems to have a very weak grasp of this, it is truly pathetic.... and very sad...

2) I forgot the second thing hahaha. But this cake is certainly good. Strawberry with two layers of chocolate stuffed with two layers of cream and an outer wall of choc. cookies... mmm, delicious. Uhhh, anyway back to what I was saying.

I guess the day we find someone we can really trust as a friend or otherwise is the a truly amazing day. I have yet to find that person and I certainly look forward to that day... if it ever comes. Until that day, it is perhaps still better to trust and betrayed than not to trust because otherwise, you may never find out.

But what I am even more interested is what your take on this thing called trust. Tell me about your experience, perhaps a betrayal and how you felt and dealt with it. And how you decided to move on. I'm sure it'll come in handy for me.

See you next time ladies and gentlemen. Shan.