Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog. After years of standing on the sideline, I've decided I will partake in this new activity. Long time ago, I did something similar to blogging but did so on a personal website and while I found that troublesome, the new technologies has made blogging far more easier which somewhat explains my action.

Now with the introduction over and done with, maybe you should know a little about myself. I am 19, a student studying in commerce, majoring in human resource management and management at a "world class" University (according to university propaganda) in Western Australia. I decided to post this bit of personal information because I want you, my readers to have a more personal feel with what I write. Moreover, I intend to make blogging a new and long term hobby of mine and hopefully it'll drive me away from insanity haha.

I have a few blogs from another place that I will transfer over in the next few days so bear with me ^_^

A very important thing I want to note here is that I welcome all comments so please feel to post whatever you want as long as they are not rubbish (e.g. "Increase your penis size by 50%" - Thank you but no, I am happy with my sexuality... so far)

I also want to customize this blog a bit so if you have time, leave some suggestions. Meanwhile, stay tuned for next episode on A New Perspective: Advice for kids lost in love

Yours Truly.

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