Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gay Pub Bans Heterosexuals - Fair or Nay?

OK, I've been thinking about this little issue when I saw it on the news a while back but forgot about it. Since I've been duely prompted, let's raise it up and that is the recent banning of heterosexual males from a gay pub.

Wanna look at have a look at the article? View it here.

So I mean what the fuck... Homosexuals go around having their worldwide "gay freedom" parades and abusing us heterosexuals for being discriminative of their sexual orientation. So now they're gonna discriminate against us? This is kinda hypocritical isn't it?

I have nothing against gay people, the institutionalisation of homosexuality in the 21st is inevitable and so it should be as the human race reaches a more spiritual stage of their evolution.

But you should do what you preach and what you preach is freedom and equality not secessionism. At this rate, you'll not only threaten your very movement but also increase the antagonism between the heterosexuals and homosexuals. I guess the final word here is be careful of what you wish for. It may not be what you truly desire...

This is my view, if anyone feels like to say something different, go ahead. If not, well, I think my reasoning is pretty logical.

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