Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love, Fidelity and the Whole Crazy Thing..

Ahh, so here I am again, ready to post away another blog. Life's so busy these days with assignments due so soon and exams coming up in a months time. Life's not fun.

But enough about that, let's move on to an issue that I recently began to think about as a result of this article: Wife can't get Kylie Minogue out of head. So it'll be pretty obvious what I am going to rant about and that's the issue of fidelity. Yes, you heard right, fidelity.

I have been thinking, it is just simply absurd and crazy this guy can betray her wife; here we have a woman who gave her destiny to you and yet you go about messing around with one of the worlds famous and sexy stars (not that I find her pretty, then again that is just my opinion). Whatever the truth is, the guys wife is due to have their first baby and he is not with her but rather somewhere in world doing god knows what. Granted he should have the freedom to do what he likes but the timing is simply not right and from the state of his wife, the real situation does NOT look right either.

This little 'current affair' is really just used to set general picture of what I am about to say. Men, you have an obligation to your girlfriend/wife. While the scenario of a a guy cheating on her girlfriend is less serious, it is still infidelity and in a way just as serious as a guy cheating on his wife. As I mentioned previously, a woman who agrees to be your girl/wife is giving a part of herself to you and in the case of marriage, her WHOLE FRIGGIN' DESTINY to you. So in other words, you have an obligation to give her your fidelity and not go around cheating or doing immoral things. The key word here is obligation and it's not a pedantic term. She is willing to give you her body and soul and you should at least give her your loyalty and be a man, yes, a man, not some cheater or loser.

Of course, what I have said applies totally to the reverse side of the coin. Girls/wives, you have an obligation to do the same. I simply find it most distasteful that girls these days seems to damned slutty (pardon my language for a lack of better words). Where is the innocence? Where is the damned purity?

Maybe the view I have expressed in this blog are a part of my own values, attitudes and beliefs but it is really also a moral issue isn't it? Putting it simply, people needs to have stronger morals and be more ethical in their view of life. I feel like there is a few more issues I could have addressed but the core views I have expressed quite clearly and I'll leave it for you all to have a think about.

Remember ladies and gents, a relationship can't be defined by a simple mathematical equation of 50-50 or 60-40, it needs 100% from each side. If someone is willing to give a part or whole of themselves to you, you need to recognize that and do the same. Be morally correct in your approach and even in failure, you'll not regret what you have done.

Until we meet again, au revoir

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Anonymous said...

WOW. I'm impressed. I never thought I'd hear this from a guy!!! Yes, the chinese martian living in Vatican Earth very much agrees with Earthling Shan's views. BRAVO. BANZAI. ^^