Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Self Discipline

OK, today I am going to write about a very important topic, one that must have affected you sometime in your life. It is self discipline.

Ask anyone who knows that in order to succeed in life, you need self discipline when undertaking the many issues in life and that last minute rushes is not only unhealthy but very dangerous.

Me, right now, have no self discipline. I work to 11am, get home by 11:40am, shower and rest until 12:30am. I wake up next day sometimes at 1pm. I procrastinate, I eat, I watch DVD's - basically I do nothing useful until 9pm at night. So 8 hours that I could have used productively wasted. Even by 9pm, I have the same thought on my mind - oh, it's not much work, I can leave it a bit later and then that tingling relaxed feeling comes through that pushes you to do nothing for another hour. Suddenly, you realize it's 11pm, time for bed. So, that is my schedule for days I am free, even during my study periods ( 2 WHOLE WEEKS!) when I KNOW I should be reading textbooks, summarizing and revising my lecture notes, completing exercises, researching and working on my massive assignments. It is really a lot of work and I know that I should be doing that but that addiction to procrastinating makes me do nothing.

Fast forward a bit, as I sit here writing this blog, I find myself again massively short of time when I made a new year resolution to force myself to work hard this semester, work-wise and uni-wise. Alas, I have two pieces of major assignments due in one week that I have not started... It's funny though, I spoke to a few people and they haven't started either hahaha. This is confusing me and making me think that it's not my schedule that's bad since this can't happen to everyone. But now I suddenly realise that it IS my schedule that's bad. People who haven't started their work is also severly lacking in self discipline and while this had no link to me, it means that I am too, lacking in self discipline and that we all have ended in this "running-out-of-time-shit-hole" hahaha...

So, today, I intend to seriously do something about this. I am nearly 20 and I have ultimate control over my life and since there is no one to guide me, I must discover for myself the pains of living as an adult and develop this thing called discipline. Without it, I don't ever think I'll be a successful person. And you know what that means, inability to treat my future wife as a Queen! This coupled with the fact that I want my parents to live in luxury will be the two major factors pushing me harder...

So, I have researched some articles that will guide me to waking earlier and developing self discipline. I have done research in this area before and I realised I need to develop a crucial plan for success. I will establish a weekly planner that outlines my major activites and focus all my willpower to carry out the required activites. This will cover work and study, and especially study since exams are a month to go...

Planning, time management, self control, will power and hard work will all be cornerstones in my new integrated plan to rid myself of this laziness, this addiction to procrastination and establish a new me, not the fake me that I have been using for the past 5 years.

It's 12:01 am and I felt like I have blown away some cobwebs and allowed my thoughts to come through clearly to you. So, watch me as I develop my inner power and self discipline and force myself to take more responsibility of myself.

So watch me, as I climb to new heights!

P.S. If you ever need help, leave a comment and I can tell you some of the steps I have used. It'll be very useful.


Amel's Realm said...


I know sometimes my Phlegmatic spirit is potato-couch lazy, as well. Sometimes I have to whip my ass to get myself going. The start is always the hardest, but once you start I think it's usually easier to keep it up. :-))))

Well, keep up the good start then! I smiled when reading about the part where you said you wanted to treat your wife as a queen. She's gonna be a lucky girl!!! ;-D

OK I'll read more later or tomorrow. :-)))

Shan said...

haha! it's true what i said of course.

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