Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So You Think You're A Cool Asian - Think Again

Recently, I've noticed quite a few Asians using the word "lah" at the end of their sentence... Their English sentence that is. I mean what the fuck, do those kids think they're cool or some shit 'cause they use that word?

Well, let me say, no, you're not cool by saying that, in fact, you sound like a fool. You wanna be a hardcore Asian? Then be normal, the real ones don't talk with stuff like that behind their sentences. They're coherent talkers who can speak fluently in English and Chinese without the need to integrate slangs from either language into another, trust me, I know. Get rid of it, you sound like a loser.

At this point, I'd like to also mention something else, that is, the difference of being "cool" and being a "loser". I've heard these terms used indiscriminately and it's just crazy. Just 'cause media define the stereotypes doesn't mean these stereotypes are right. I'll discuss this topic in my next post. It's time to sleep...

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