Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Add To Google" Button Problem

OK. This is crazy shit.

See the button above? Well, if you use the HTML code from Google's site, the link that leads to the image is as follow:

Except when you paste in the HTML code, it doesn't bring up the goddamn image. I just don't understand why. It seems that Blogger doesn't accept the URL. So, I had to substitute the following URL instead:

Hopefully it'll stay. If anyone else is having this kind of trouble, the solution is in changing the image URL. Host it somewhere else or use the link I used.

I had a major headache finding the problem since I am not very well versed in HTML (yeah, it's simple but I'm coding illiterate).

Update: For the fear of Google changing their site link, I have personally hosted the picture. Should be a long stay now...


Nycnontheist said...

I think your blog is great. I'm always impressed when people have cool links and video and just loads of things that I just have no idea how to do :). I'm really glad you stopped by "The Atheist Diaries" We chose to just keep it real because of the more serious content (although we try to be humourous, too). Hope you'll stop by more often. Thanks a bunch!
Your friend,


Shan said...

thanks for your comment!

i will certainly stop by more often and hope you will do the same. i'd love to link with you if you want to!

p.s. if you want any help in setting up features on your blog, feel free to email me.


Julius said...

Thak you man, I have been looking all day to fix this problem, and finally I find it in your blog.

Why this doesn't get accepted in the normal way by google beats me.

Nice blog btw,



Shan said...

thx buddy. I went to your blog except I couldn't understand it haha. But it looks sophisticated :)

Julius said...

Thx, I saw your post on my blog, it is in Dutch that's my native language.

How did I found you hé ?
On a google group where you asked a question about the notorious add to google button. I just went to your blog so it was actually very easy to find you lol.

Just started my blog this so still got loads of work to do, but could I mail you when i have some more questions ?

Shan said...

yeah no problem. Love to help you out. My email is on my profile. Just click my name. I guess you need to start networking alot! If you ever decide to start up a blogroll, please email me and I'll gladly link you up :)


Arvind said...

Hi Shan

Thanks for your help!

I too had the same problem with the disappearing Google image and after reading your suggestion, I just uploaded an image on my own server.

Thank you - cool site too!

Wishing you all the best for 2008.

Warm regards