Friday, June 22, 2007

Freedom... At Least For 5 Weeks

The end of exams... finally after 3 months of full on cramming and stress. What can I say, university is such a waste of time and all for what, a piece of paper.. pfft shit that's what it is. So 5 weeks of rest and it's time to take advantage of this time and get some things accomplished... after some play bwhahaha...

I recently downloaded this Korean drama called "Full House" (11 gb,2 weeks of downloading!!) but it was worth it. A very good drama with average subbing. The genre is comedy and romance and the actors does a superb job, particularly the girls haha... Those Korean girls, omg, what can I say, their beauty exceed their reputation in immeasurable ways. I hate to say this but their beauty probably exceed those of the Chinese girls. I don't know what's the term I'm trying to look for but it has something to do with class and refinement I guess. Chinese girls these days, ahhh, for a lack of better words are so couth. Maybe it's not this, I now think it's their brain, yeah that's it. They're TOO SMART or well has TOO MANY "IDEAS", like you know, not academic ideas but just, well, ideas that's perverted, I think you know what I mean. I don't know how other guys feel but I seem to feel it this way... I think innocence and "pure thoughts" is something that's very important in a girl and I guess it's this that I find so appealing. To illustrate what I mean, look at the girl below:

You know, I'm a simple person and it's the simple things in life I enjoy the most. If I ever were able to find a girl that had a similar personality and looks as the girl above and be with her, I think I'll be happy for the rest of my life no matter what situation I am in or what I have. This is quite sad isn't it but I think I am quite able to throw away everything for a girl like that... Maybe this is my "hormones" talking but maybe it's something deeper though whatever it is, I believe in this and will likely to believe in this until that one comes along and when she does, well, everything in this life would have been worthwhile but hey, who am I kidding right? Stories like this only exist in fairytales and this is probably why those fairytales are so popular haha... I'm typing this with a smile on my face listening to Don't Matter by Akon hahaha, good song.

Ok, enough rambling about girls but I'd recommend the series to male & female teenagers between the age of 18-25... But who knows ;)

This break, I have quite a few plans of three which has priority over everything else. The first is to grab my manual license... I would do with an automatic but I just don't feel right. Yet it's so damned frustrating... I seem to suck at balancing the clutch and accelerator, poor car keeps damned stalling... tips anyone?

The second is to learn how to cook. This is pretty simple, my good old mum showed me a basic dish and how to cook rice (yeah, don't laugh, we all start somewhere). Hopefully by the end of the breaks, I'll be able to know how to cook between 10-20 traditional Chinese cuisines so I can feed myself.

The third is to schedule myself into order and begin a exercise regime. As painful and tiring as this is, watching the drama made me feel I need to help out my figure... I currently weigh about 75 kg and is about hmm (no ruler :( so I'll guess) 175-178 cm. So yeah, a bit overweight so time to get my body into a better state. No, I'm not turning anorexic, I am reaching self actualization thanks very much ^_^.

A fourth priority is to perhaps apply for another job, the current one is boring me and the opportunities for advancement is too low. Anyone has some good resume template they'd recommend me to use?

So yeah, 5 weeks is enough to make my priorities into a habit and I think I might need to keep off the fatty foods except that's gonna be difficult, salads anyone? lol, but I can't survive on salad, I need my meat and I'm sorry for you vegetarians out there... think of it this way, if we didn't eat meat, what would become of animals like cows? They can't survive by themselves...

On another note, I'll be visiting the blogs of everyone on my recommended list and going through your archives so be prepared for a lot of comments lol. So, I'll keep everyone updated on my progress as I tidy up my life. It'll be hard but they say a month is enough to make things into a habit and I am fully determined to do so. I may be pretty lazy but determination I have when the results are something worthwhile. This reminds me of the words of a famous Chinese sage, Confucius: If I fight, I win!

I'm kind like this, if the results are not worthwhile, I can be quite lazy but if I do want something and the results is something obtainable, I will win it. So wish me luck and I hope everyone is enjoying their lives because I will be!

I was wondering, does anyone want to see some pictures of Perth as in the city? If you do, please tell me what kind of things you want to see like churches, parks, universities, shops or natural beauties? I'll endeavour to take some photos and host them up :)

Until next time, zai jian! (Chinese for see you next time!)


Amel's Realm said...

Hey, I LOVE the series as well (even though I'm already over 25 y.o. LOL! Hey, my MOM also loved the series and she's 60 y.o!!!). And we both love Rain, of course. Boy, his body is really...ahem he he he...I bet you were inspired to exercise when you saw his body, eh? *wink wink* Btw, the series's FUNNY, so I recommend that one, as well. ;-D

I have no comment about Chinese girls as I can only give biased comments (and I only know the Chinese girls back home - Chinese girls elsewhere might be different). All I can say is that don't close any doors. You might find love anywhere, sometimes places you never expect he he he...But I have to say one thing: among my group of close friends, there is ONE girl that is SO innocent and she has the purest thoughts amongst us. She's rare, I know, but she does exist. :-)))

GOOD LUCK on learning how to cook, getting a better job, exercising, and everything else!!! (incl. love life!)

Btw, I LOVE my meat, too!!! *grin*

princess said...

Shan if you like innocent and pure girls so much why do you like me? I'm a deviant lol.

Shan said...

hahaha Amel, we're alike more than we know. Yeah, you read my mind ahahhaa, Rain and his body, pretty much it bwhhahaa. Besides, I'm just bored with my life, need something fresh and exercising with a good goal is something to take out my excessive energy.

Yeah, innocence is good :P

and thanks for your kind words Amel :D

Devil: Maybe it's because you're innocent in your own way? Never thought of that?

Michelle said...

For some reason I remembered the day I finished high school reading this - maybe it's the whole final exam thing.. Anyway, what I remembered was that everyone was talking about the futute. Their plans, their dreams.

Someone asked me what I wanted for my future. I never replied, but I thought about it and realised I wanted - to be surprised. I never made any plans - I waited to see how life would surprise me.

that's my wish for you, Shan - may life and love bring you many wonderful surprises. :-)

Zhu said...

1) To drive a manual car takes quite a lot of practice. In France they are the norm and I learned to drive on these. I love my auto car now ;)

Best tip I can give you would be no to stress out when you have to start the car again after a stop, let's say.

2) There are a lot of simple Chinese dishes you can do : stir fried tofu and gree beans with noodles, jiaozi yummy !

For jiaozi, bring on some friends - it's boring to do them all by yourself !

Here I am, the French woman who teach you to cook Chinese food :D

As for girls... I think you have high expectations, which are tough to reach. Relax, enjoy the summer and everything will come along... ;)

Shan said...

mich: I thank you for that haha. I certainly hope life will be full of wonderful surprises for me indeed! I look forward to them as long as they're not that bad...

zhu: Yeah, I hate practise lmao! But no pain no gain lol

As for the food, yeah, good dishes indeed :D I'll ask my mum for that recipe hahaha

and yeah, jiaozi is pretty yummy :D

Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Deadpoolite said...

Busy girl! Dont worry tooo much about the car thing, soon it will become second nature, just keep driving and dont put it off and you'll be fine:)

As far as your cooking is concerned I volunteer as a labra... I mean as a tester, yeah that's it tester:)

Will you still talk to us when you are superfit and all or you ' ll be too busy running for Ms Universe or something? Go Shan go!

Some pics of Perth would be cool, if you got some Perth babes in there as well I am totally sold on the idea (what a gentleman I

Hope you enjoy your free time to its fullest extent!

Take care!

Shan said...

rodrigo: uhhh, love to visit your visit more often except I don't speak uhhh Spanish? haha, maybe you could interpret what you said for me :)

DP: hahaha busy girl, you just wait, I'm gonna get you back in one of your comments hahaha

as for superfit, i don't think i'm gonna achieve that anytime soon unless i quit work and all my classes hahaha, but hell, blogging is a fun thing, always time for blogging and reading your wonderful comments!