Thursday, June 7, 2007

Responses To My Part 1 Theory


After reading responses from a range of people, I can seem to collate them into one single category and that is "Relationships can not be dissected and placed in a theoretical framework"

Some people were nice like zhu and Amelia and my friends who agreed with my point of view while others decided to be honest with me and let me know their own opinions. I totally appreciate them.

One response was as follows:
but you didn't emphasis how important is "being able to talk and make each other laugh" point. feeling may comes and go but able to comprehend to each others especially in daily lives are actually more important than being "there only for the important times" although the "crucial times" factors are also important. and you cant just analyze everything so detail be 4 getting into a relationship. having said tat i did not mean know nothing bout tat person. its the "finding out"part tat makes relationship interesting no?
(Edited for quality purposes)

So basically, I get the message ladies. I outlined them below for your amusement:

You can't theorise relationships cause it won't work. There is no right or wrong. You suck and have no idea what you're talking about. You're full of shit. You're valid to an extent, after that you're talking shit. Go to hell you loser.

What can I say? It is interesting.

I am not going to defend my model, it's there to be critiqued. It's not something so holistic it has to be right and I am not saying that. I acknowledge 100% that there will be factors in a relationship that will not be covered by this "model". Likewise, I acknowledge that the model is simply too technical and "rational". Also this model is seemed to be based more on the initial phase of a relationship than the actual working phase. I guess you can see it as the foundation necessary for a successful relationship. But let me say one thing:

The core of your relationship probably involve an implementation of this model in some way that is applicable to your own lives, particular the first two criteria. Furthermore, if you have a relationship that has failed, it probably came about as a result of a lack of the factors.

If you feel this is wrong, prove me so. What makes your relationship so unique? Does it have a third or fourth or even fifth core criteria? Or does it not even need the first two criteria?

P.S. I stand by the core of my argument but I acknowledge its deficiencies. Likewise, I look forward being humiliated by others and myself. I look forward reading this post in 5 years time or maybe sooner... when my heart is broken... drunk as well... thinking why... ^_^

P.S.S. I respect women for who they are totally. Without you, there wouldn't be me. Apologies flies out to those I may have offended. Just relax, it's not a big deal. Look, I drew my model in paint...

I'm Sorry Princess.


Zhu said...

We all like to think we're unique, but in fact, we're not. There's a scheme for everything... I can't tell whether you got the right one for relationship, but hey, it was worth a try !

At least, you write better than the person who wrote the comment ! :D

Amel's Realm said...

I think there's nothing wrong in trying to find out the "theories". I mean, reality is much more complicated than theories, of course. There are "exceptions". I haven't had too many relationships with men to be able to voice any relationship theories, but I also like to hear other relationship stories and just think of the general "ideas/theories" of what works and what doesn't work in a relationship.

That doesn't mean that I'm not open to any other relationship theories. It's fun to think of things and just getting the general ideas. What's wrong with that? Just don't take it too personally. They're just OPINIONS (not written laws or something). And besides, Shan did ask for feedback. :-)))

t3mpt2ess moon said...

you're forgiven shan... I can't stay angry at you :p