Friday, June 29, 2007

A Thought and A Horoscope

Ahh, it's been a week since my last post... It's not that I didn't have time, it's just that I simply did not have anything worthwhile on my mind... unfortunately haha.

But today, as I was walking back from the library, I suddenly looked up towards the clouds and I saw a big, murky black patch sitting on the horizon. Rest of the sky was clear blue with a touch of small white clouds and as I looked around, I suddenly realised just how peaceful and tranquil my suburb was... This triggered off another burst of thought, something along the lines of war and peace. I suddenly thought "war and conflict is merely a clash of ideals; nothing more than a conflict between the values and beliefs of the various human races".

This made me think that our mind, or in fact, us the human race are certainly destined for more and that we are simply not at a such advanced phase yet. The day we can achieve world peace (as crazy as this sounds) is truly the day we, as homo sapiens, really succeed in our goals whatever that may be. This is not as far fetched as it seems I believe, in time (provided we don't die off first), evolution will take us to this stage and I am saddened at the fact I will unlikely see this in this lifetime. However, if reincarnation really exists, I certainly hope I will relive again to see that moment; don't you?

On a lighter note, my driving skills is coming along nicely, it seems that everything has come down to mastering control of the clutch release and accelerator depress. I think I've stumbled across the key and I hope in no time, I'll be able to achieve the fluency required. And yes, so much things to do with a car and license, mmm, there'll be certainly a major rise in the level of productivity :D

On another note, I recently read a few "complete profiles" of each of the star signs and boy, was I amazed at the amount of shit those guys can write. I kid you not, those profiles exceeds 5 pages sometimes and while some "hits" the target, some are just random bullshit. Personally, I feel they're an interesting read as long as one don't get too into it. But one thing that caught my attention was the compatibility stuff - very amusing, supposedly, for me, the most compatible signs are Cancer and Pisces and god, if you have ever read the profile of Pisces, you'd think girls in that star signs are the ultimate perfection. If you're interested, just go to Wikipedia and types in Pisces, it's hilarious! And yeah, they provide profiles of boys too, I'm amazed at the degree of accuracy in some cases but I guess that simply illustrates the power of our mind to just "link things up". Just don't forget the Forer effect.

Until next time, enjoy your lives my friends. Here's a motto for all of you to have a think:

Who will guard the guards?


Max said...

Hello Shan! Thank you for posting a comment on my blog! You are most welcome to read it :)! Yeah, we can be friends: no problem :)! Feel free to email me anytime...
Nice post! I laughed my eyes out when you said ""complete profiles" of each of the star signs and boy, was I amazed at the amount of shit those guys can write."'s true though! I don't believe in the horoscope that comes in the magazines: it's absurd! I mean, are they trying to tell us that all pisces, gemini, leo, cancer will have the same day? Ridiculous...I'm not even going to discuss that matching part, cause it's even more obtuse *nodding*! Any decent astrologist knows that the star sign alone does not influence a person's life: a series of planets, and their quadrants (and all their technical vernacular), and a person's idiosyncracies do!
Congrats for your driving license!
Reincarnation exists..well, I've read and heard enough things that made me belive that it does!
I'll keep visiting your blog: I like it! I like the latin sentence "Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum": I question therefore I think; I think therefore I am"...

Victorya said...

Interesting thoughts! I tend to think peace can't exist merely because we have no idea what it really means or entails, and war is there for everyone to see and understand.


Paper Fan Club said...

I always said that the hardest part of driving manual is that darn clutch! Good luck, man! :)

Zhu said...

Hey Shan,

You're right about the war thing, and it's especially clear nowadays. A real conflict of values... but how do we solve that ???

Good to see you are probably gonna be a better driver than me - hey, can't do worse ! :D

Shan said...

max: It was a pleasure. Yes, those horoscopes is quite absurd at times yet it's interesting hehe. As for reincarnation, mmm, if you believe it exists, then it must to an extent. I certainly hope it does... well perhaps not haha! Have fun!

victorya: That's a nice name! What you said is definitely true. Our mind has not evolved to the extent where we are capable of resolving our differences through other means than war. I hope we will one day :)

paper club fan: Havn't seen you for a while, it's good to know you're still visiting! And yeah, dodgy clutch. I intend to improve from now on. It's time to step more gas before releasing clutch - better to let it rev a bit than to stall right! haha!

zhu: War, I recall someone saying that the American economy needs a war every few decade or so in order to keep boosting it up. I would not be surprised if that was true.

The Real Mother Hen said...

You mean you actually want to be reincarnated - being born, sitting thru exams, being pushined, polluting the whole world and dragging all the future generation with you, getting your heart broken, being old, suffering from sickness, dying AGAIN? You gotta be kidding!