Wednesday, July 4, 2007

8 Things About Me

Ahh I've been tagged once more to reveal 8 things about myself, this time from my Canadian friend Zhu. Have a look here: Correr Es Mi Destino. I believe I was also tagged by Amel to reveal 8 things about myself as well. Her blog is here: Amel's Realm.

So I'll make it brief :)

1) I have lived in Beijing for the first 9 years of my life. The last 10 years has been in this place called Perth. The contrast is quite surreal coming to think of it now. The most memorable thing was the first breath of air, it was... quite fresh for a lack of better words.

2) I am really lazy.

3) I am a perfectionist. This is quite contradictory to the above but haha, context and situation rules this. Number 3 overrules number 2 is most scenarios.

4) I dislike noisy things. Between a dinner at friends house and a walk along the ocean, I'd choose the latter.

5) I love my German Shepard.

6) I used to breed turtles until they died. Very unfortunate.

7) I have no favorite things. My taste varies depending on the mood I am in which in turn varies alot.

8) I am a Scorpio.

Ok, the above was pretty lame but hey, it's better than nothing. In turn I tag the following people: Amel (ahahahahah, another one for you :P even though this is probably illegal), Max and
our Greek friend, Deadpolite.

I look forward to reading the details and for some, more haha.


Zhu said...

Good job doing the meme !

I didn't know you were from Beijing - it's one of my favorite cities in China, I love the atmosphere here. Same goes for Nanjing... but I'm not a big fan of Shanghai.

Do you still have close relatives in China ? Where do you stand with your Chinese heritage ? Do you consider you Chinese, Australian... ? Just curious, since I'm dealing with two cultures as well ;)

Amel's Realm said...

WWHHHYYYY YOOOUUU LI'L DEVVVIIILLL!!!!! Just kidding he he he...I have to think about 8 more stuff about me. Might take time as I've already written too much he he he...

Lazy and perfectionist. Sounds like a combo of Melancholic/Phlegmatic to me (more Melancholic than Phlegmatic - based on your no. 3 fact - same as me!), if you ever read the book "Personality Tree". :-D Maybe you should read it. VERY interesting. :-D

Breed turtles? WOW!!! It isn't easy, is it?

I wonder why you chose to tell us your star sign if you don't believe in it too much, though he he he...So we can guess around when your birthday is? LOL!!!

Shan said...

Zhu: Yeah, I have my entire relative tree back in Beijing lol. As for where I stand on my Chinese heritage, this is something that can't be answered easily. I am 100% proud of of my CHinese background, I guess living 9 years in a communist country kind of ingrain that into you :P But China is not a bad place as many imagine, those who says otherwise often has little idea of what really happens. Of course, I am proud of being an Australian as well, Australia is a wonderful place - compared to other western societies, it is very much an "inncocent one" haha. Very beautiful and the people are great!

Amel: Ah I had a little test and I came up with the Counsellor personality. Interesting but how accurate it is I am not sure. As for the turtles, that was a long long time ago. I can't remember much now hahaha.

Deadpoolite said...

Hey where are all the dirty little secrets and intimate confessions of a dangerous mind I was expecting. Damn, I had my popcorn ready and was looking forward to it but no no no , you had to be little ms perfect and all and ruin it:)

Oh well there is always next year... LOL!

Come to think of it, this is the most laid back post you've made so far and thus I award you with the DP sticker of awesomeness (I'll send it to you when I design it,lol).

By the way I accepted your "8 thing s about me" challenge:)

Jeff said...

We have some in common. I am a lazy perfectionist also. It makes perfect sense to me.

Max said...

Hey Shan!
That was nice :)! Thanks for tagging me...I'll post mine shortly :)!

I used to have a German shepard when I was a tiny kid, but I was bitten by one when I was 11 :(!
What a shame: I think it's rather amusing to dine at friends house...I laugh out loud, I talk loud...well, I have latin blood lol!
Don't talk to me about perfectionism: I am too, and it's terrible! The search for perfection can be painful...constant inner battle lol!
Nope, I can't say that I'm lazy...I have too much energy ha ha!


Paper Fan Club said...

Great to get some insight (or is that "dirt"?) on you, Shan! It's tough thinking up eight things about yourself to share with the world, isn't it...?

Random Magus said...

I hare the lazy and perfectionist thing with you...

Shan said...

DP: Lol, you read me too well, phenomenally actually! Well, cammon, I ain't that bad :P. Just 'cause I talk a load of crap about serious crap doesn't necessarily mean I'm a psychopath :P Or am I? hahaha!

Jeff: Good to see you're back on the net! And yes, I just love that combination despite how it fucks my plans up a bit at times hahaha

Max: Excellent! I never knew you had a Shepard. They certainly are one of the top breeds. Mine was a pure breed, costed my family over $600 but she is worth it... Most adorable and possess qualities unfound in humans. And as for the fight for perfection, ai, it is a endless battle that we may never win right? Haha... Very sad but something we cannot deny I guess...

Paper Club Fan: You are most certainly correct! I never knew how difficult it was unless I started on it. I just sat there and went ummmmm... what should I write LOL!

Random Magus: I "hare"?