Friday, July 27, 2007

Almost Judgement Day

Well everyone, today is Friday. It is 10:32 PM in Perth, GM +8:00. What am I trying to say? That university is coming to back in roughly in 2 days. This means the follow: assignments, deadlines, group meetings, lack of sleep, cramming, expenditure of money on food. Yes, it is very painful and very, very boring. I wanna die. But ok, enough about my death wishes, let's talk about something good.

Good thing number 1: I had dinner with a most wonderful Korean host (fabulous personality, so cheerful and bubbly). It was superbly delightful. It was Korean BBQ, you know, one of those tables with a grill for coal in it that BBQ the meat. Kinda interesting except the slowness of eating kind of made me more hungry, should have went to a place that had cooked meat lol. The food was like lettuce wrapped with BBQ meat along with soybean sauce and rice. Tasty but not enough as main dish, more like an appetizer...

On an interesting note, I was observing the waitresses. I was so tempted to ask one of them the following question: "Did you have plastic surgery?" haha. I think I would have been abused if I asked that question so I felt it was best left alone. But the beauty of the waitress was very impressive. Hmmm, what if I linked that up? "Are you sure you didn't have plastic surgery because you look absolutely fabulous" ---> Lol, yeah that'll have worked and got a laugh out of her :P

Good thing number 2: Ummm, can't think of any. I can't classify work as good thing. Well, saw Blood Diamond. Fantastic movie, very ahh moving. Leonardo Di Caprio is a good actor.

On a bad side of things: I suck at karaoke. Yeah, I am crap. But I am absolutely surprised at the ability of others to sing them. More amazingly, their memories of the tunes are most impressive.

Finally to conclude my rambling, I would like to mention a self discovery. On the way back home, I thought about a few things and I realised out of nowhere my primary emotional need and that is security. Then again, don't we all? I realised unless I can have security, I will never be satisfied nor happy. Another thing, these days, thinking absolutely tires me. I think I need to start reducing my time spent in thought, it's tiring. Don't you ever just get a period of time where you just want to stop thinking and looking for hidden messages in everything people say or do and just enjoy life? Well, it seems I'm going through that period. Time to think less and act even less, I think it's better for my health and brain :D

What is your primary emotional need? Can one word describe it or you need more?

Time for sleep, more money earning tomorrow *yawn*. Enjoy life ladies and gentlemen and oh, laugh!



Deadpoolite said...

Well I can always perform very delicate surgery on your brain and relieve you from your "philosophical lobe" so to speak...It will make a things a lot more fluid and less tiring for you... On the other hand, of course you ' ll be reduced to having the collective conciousness of a sprout but that is just a minor side effect:) You can sign the consent form any time now, "DP has no responsibility for any scalpel lapses and slips..." yep we are good to go whenever you are up for it:)

Seriously though, being more easy going about some things will do a lot of good to your psyche. Look at me for example, I am the perfect image of flawless mental health (ok, maybe not but we can at least call it "a work in progress" lol).

Take care Shan!

Amel's Realm said...

Sure every now and then we need a break from thinking too much, Shan.

Well, a friend of mine studied in China and met lots of Korean friends. She said that most rich parents in Korea gave money to their teenage girls to have plastic surgeries. I dunno how true it is, but that's what she said to me.

Ah, I have Blood Diamond in my HD but haven't got to watching it. I WILL watch it later on, then. ;-D

Sure we all need security, but in this world nothing is secure. Everything can change in an instant (for example Tsunami), so security isn't really permanent he he...

Paper Fan Club said...

Enjoy your last two days of sweet freedom, Shan! Get out and have some fun (air out your brain with some fresh air!) before you have to get back to studies. :)

Amel's Realm said...

You make me think of my primary need. I think my primary need is to love and be loved. However, my other primary need is also to be needed. For some reason, being needed by someone makes me feel ELATED, ECSTATIC he he he he...

Zhu said...

Who doesn't suck at Karaoke, except Japanese who have been trained since birth ??? It's normal !

I like the new blog design, easy to read and browse by the way.

Asking a woman if she had had plastic surgery isn't really a good pick up line. Well, I'd be freaked out, honestly ! :D

PS: don't listen to Deadpoolite when he says he's "the perfect image of flawless mental health" - I know otherwise ! ;) Just kidding...

Take care !

Max said...

Hey Shan,

LOL LOL LOL bad line to use with a me: I know what I'm talking about! If she's beautiful, just let her know about it, but please discard the "did you have plastic surgery" *nodding*! If you want to emphasize her beauty, say something like "you are the masterpiece of Venus!" lol :)
Blood Diamond...fantastic, indeed!! Did you know that the film was shot in my birth-country: Mozambique?
lol ah you kill me..this post is awesome: I suck at karaoke too! However I have sung in a bar once...people applaused...but hey, it was a bar, so they must've been drunk lol lol!

I wish I could stop thinking, but I can't do it...I've tried to have a break, but I always end up thinking, and analysing *nodding*!

My primary emotional need: the love and mind-challenge of my baby boo :)!

Good luck for your first day in School :)!

Great Post!

Shan said...

DP: lol... Thanks for the offer but I think I'll pass on it. But I agree with you, I need to be easier going don't I? Do I really think too much? But if a person don't think for himself, who will?

Amel: lol, if only I could do that. My personality unfortunately does not lend itself to stop thinking...And you are right, nothing is secure in this world... We can only hope hey?

Paper Club Fan: Thanks, I will enjoy them and I will get some fresh air too :)

Amel: Haha, you are absolutely right! To love is a hard thing and only to be loved in return will help with that... To be needed, something precious :)

Zhu: Lol! Never hear the Japanese sing, maybe I will have to look into that lol! But you are right with DP, he is insane! haha joking!

Max: Long time no see :)

Bad line huh? There's a saying in China: If a guy's not bad, a girl won't like. It rhymes well in Chinese, not in English so much. Corny lines may not work so well as ones that's more abusive huh?

Girls, it's only when they get older they begin to realise a bad boy can bring as much for them as a trash can. Rather, it is better to look for one with potential no? Females, a mystery science will never explain lol!

And oh yes, keep thinking. If you don't, no one else is going to. And trust your gut feeling because it works well... I think...

And thanks for your wishes!

Enjoy life everyone and thanks for the comments!