Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Most Productive Day and Another Random Thought


Today, has been most productive. It seems I have managed to obtain a position as a recruiter for an employment firm in Perth. After lunch with a friend, me and a few other Chinese colleagues met the boss of this firm and had a very interesting chat. A good firm with decent remuneration and a definite good place to obtain work experience and add to my resume. This is a most delightful surprise and has made me extremely happy. I certainly look forward to learning more and of course, gain some experience and money ^_^. My job will very likely involve tapping into the Chinese market and obtain positions for them in their desired industries. Very interesting except the unknowns. But overall, I have absolutely nothing to lose, I'll make more friends and obtain experience, a win win! And of course, making new friends means meeting more girls woot! More fun! Ahem, enough with that....

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's move onto something that has been on my mind for sometime and that is a saying. Translated into English, it is:

"It is most difficult for a hero to pass through the challenge of a beauty".

It means the most difficult thing for a guy aka hero to overcome in many challenges, is the challenge of a beautiful/charming girl. I've been thinking this recently and it is very true isn't it? Men can be trained to overcome ALOT of heavy punishment, yet when it comes to "seduction" or the "beauty challenge", many will crumble. This led me to think just how weak and fragile we men really are. What is one thing that can absolutely bring men down? Women. I recall in the history of China, an emperor was give the choice of his entire empire or one single girl, not an ordinary girl, but one whom he loved most dearly. Guess which he chose? Yeah, the girl. I know, it's kind of stupid, he could have became the emperor and then changed the rules to suit his desires but let's ignore this. The point is that, love and love ONLY is something that can absolutely make or break a man in his life. Everything else is of course still important, but love is the critical factor above everything.

Have a think and get back to me :). Time for bed, so excited! Enjoy life ladies and gentlemen!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Shan!
I think you can be competent for the job!
Good luck!

Amel's Realm said...


Hope you'll enjoy the job fully and you'll absorb every new good thing you can learn from it.

Yeah, love is really something, isn't it? He he he he...The course of true love never did run smooth he he he he...Don't we all need more love, anyways? :-)))

Have a FUN weekend!!!

Jeff said...

Congrats on the job!

Yeah, women are the downfall of man. It started at Eve and hasn't stopped yet. I, myself, have Tarzan'd myself by swinging from one bad decision to another all over women.

Shan said...

Anonymous: Thanks!

Amel: Yeah, the job's a bit weird but thanks :D. As for love, you are right :P

Jeff: Thanks! And bad decisions, haha, if only our brains had the power to simply shut out what we can't have hey, that'll be nice...

Zhu said...

I'm glad for you ! You seem truly about about the job, it's good for you !