Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Short Poem

After browsing through a bit of articles, I stumbled across an interesting short poem by Abraham Cowley. As for who he is, I am not extremely well versed but I found the poem quite interesting...

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."

Quite nice...

Until next time...


Amel's Realm said...

Ahhhh...still thinking about love, eh? He he he...Love is sacrifice indeed. :-))) Love makes us vulnerable. Love is a mystery. Love is magical.

I like these words from the song "Love Is" by Vanessa Williams:

They say it's a blessing
They say it's a gift
They say it's a miracle
And I believe that it is
It conquers all
But it's a mystery

Love breaks your heart
Love takes no less than everything
Love makes it hard
And it fades away so easily

Love lights the world
And lights the lovers for eternity

Love breaks the chains
Love aches for everyone of us
Love takes the tears and pain
And it turns it into the beauty that remains

Michelle said...

mmm.. it can be a sweet love to love and let go. To know that you love a person enough to want them to be happy, even if that happiness is not with you.

Still hurts though!

Amel's Realm said...

Yeah, that's right, M. It still hurts he he he...

Shan said...

Amel: Nice, your poems are always so inspirational. I am just baffled and somewhat annoyed at our ability to love someone... And of course, our inability to end it when necessary. Yes, it is quite depressing :P

Mich: Yes, it does doesn't it... Very unfortunate.

Amel's Realm said...

Well, I think we do learn best by experience. Annoyed at our ability to love? Why annoyed? I think it's one of God's greatest gifts to mankind he he he...

When it comes to our inability to end it, I think it's more to do with our brains and courage. Courage to end the bad pattern. You have to use your brain too when it comes to least I think it should be that way.

I know some people who can't seem to end a "bad" relationship. I think they're just not ready to accept the lessons they have to learn by breaking it up. No matter what other people tell you, if you're not ready to learn the lessons, then you're just not ready.

Amel's Realm said...

I think some people are intimidated in a bad relationship...they think they can't find a better person. I know a friend whose boyfriend tells her that she's SO lucky to have him. Maybe one reason that she has a hard time breaking up with him is because she believes what he said...that she can't find a better person than him and it's a pity.

Sometimes I also think when you've been with someone too long, even though you know it's not going anywhere, you stick together as you may be afraid of being alone/lonely or you may be too reluctant to start a new relationship with someone else 'coz it's hard work. There may be other reasons, too that I know nothing about he he...

People are interesting, esp. when it comes to love he he he...

Max said...

Hi Shan!
What a beautiful poem! You are really in love, although the feeling is not reciprocal :(! she doesn't know what she's missing....
Although painful, non corresponded love is a necessary experience. I have been through the same, it was tough, I felt like crying and all (I didn't cause I'm too proud, although I recognise that I should've) but I survived it, and I learned to value myself, and not waste time with people who didn't deserve my love!
Pain is part of life, so all we have to do is endure, my friend :)!
Someone will come your way; I'm sure!

Shan said...

Lol, I am simply amazed at the ability of everyone to fathom what's on my mind by reading a such short poem.

More so, I simply love the neutrality of the net. The capability of the net to allow us express our thoughts without hinder to people who can read it and comment from an objective point of view. It is simply great since somethings are not to be told to even the closest friends.

I thank everyone for their comments and will certainly ponder your words deeply.

Amel: Ahh, it is your personal stories that I treasure the most. Allow me to see another side of things. I appreciate it and will take them into account :D

Max: Ah, it's not that she doesn't deserve it. She does absolutely.
It is just funny how things are. You fall for someone without even realising how, when, why or for what and it is exactly that I am puzzled about. I think curiosity really killed the cat this time if you know what I mean. And you are right, pain is something we endure and pain is not something I ever wish to deal out. It shall be kept within until time allows one to move on and until someone else comes to take that empty spot in ones heart. It is just a fear one has... fear that no one will truly be able to appreciate the girl for who she is. I am positive there is people in the world who can but we really only make so much friends in our lives and as a result, it is may prove difficult to meet people from outside that circle. Nevertheless, my hopes are with her and may she ultimately find happiness.

Amel's Realm said...


I couldn't agree more with the "neutrality" of this blogging community. :-)))

Jeff said...

Short, but true. Kind of like the way I like my women. :)

I agree. I see the blog community as something akin to being able to step into the wardrobe.

princess said...

I'm not alone
Yet still in my heart
I feel an emptiness
That will not depart
For all the love
That I am shown
I can not have
Love of my own
That I can give
To that one guy
Who holds my hand
Whenever I crt

Shan said...

Amel: Thanks :)

Jeff: Haha

Princess: I don't understand... Why can't you say things more clear to me... What exactly is it you want, what am I? If love blinds, then I don't want to be blind. I want to see things clearly before they happen and on my own, I believe I have the instincts to do so. But your poems, what do they mean? Arghhh...

Deadpoolite said...

Hey beautiful poem Shan, that almost made me cry (this only happens when I watch Batman and Robin I assure you after all it is THAT awful,lol).

So now I gathered all the poetic inspiration I could find (yep I meditated for a whole second, I mean am I good or what,lol) and decided to write a little poem myself. So here it goes:

DP is walking in the night heart torn between what's wrong and right

One grandma crossing now the street careless, half blind and full of beat

Surely the cars will have a feast if DP doesnt slay the (traffic) beast

The second choice involves to flirt
the smiling waitress beyond the dirt

She is cool, she is cute, she is full of flare, damn I would like a date with her

So here we are a merc half torn between the just and softcore porn (sorry this was TOO funny not to write,lol)

This is a moment when heroes thrive but DP is only a hero for hire

So there you go grandma is car roast, hello hot babe let's make a toast

Life is a circle full of choice, choose right or wrong just make some noise

Cause it's a short trip and it will end, so taste it to the fullest of its extent

Ok, time to call my Merc

Take care Shan, talk to you soon!

Paper Fan Club said...

To love in vain is the worst indeed. While we're all swallowing that lump in our throats, maybe you could also come up with a list of the most heartbreaking love songs.

Shan said...

DP: Like usual, your intellect simply shines through your words... Haha and with a twisted sense of humour at that :P

But I understand of course, well, at least a majority of it. I guess one shouldn't be stuck at someplace when it is hopeless and better to move on.

Many friends have said it's important to "see" all the fish and in a way it is true. Make some noise huh... My current state makes it somewhat difficult to make some noise except to sit there and ponder lol... But I have generally came to a decision based on the mind and the gut. With no clear road in front of me and with everything so murky and dangerous, it is better to truly trust one's instincts and one's mind.

Only a few things can turn this but these things are unlikely to occur...

Paper Club Fan: Haha, that sounds like an interesting idea except I am not at that a bad stage. So many things are a figment of my imagination and I'm barely having the time to sort through things. But one decision I have came to that I think is the best one I have made so far and whether things are a figment of my imagination or not, it is the most suitable.. or so I think hahah...

Zhu said...

Nice poem !

I always find poetry magical - I'm totally unable to write any myself.

Monday Morning Power said...

Shan, Thank you for linking to my site. It's appropriate that I announce that I have added you to my blog links on this post. The reason being that my site is full of inspirational poetry. That's one of the ways that I get my PMA message across.