Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Nostalgic Moment

As I finished work today, I climbed down the stairs and began a short trip towards the train station. As I walked, a tiny drizzle of rain began coming down from the cloudy sky, slowly but steadily.

I was engrossed much in my thoughts until I realised I had walked by a very familiar shop, a shop that I had worked for the past 2 years. As I glanced inside, I noticed many familiar faces with a most notable one in a blue shirt.

My heart began to pound as I pondered whether I should go in and say hi. Many things suddenly rushed through my mind and I had a small sense of nostalgia. Then I realised something important and I began to walk away, in a way like the rain, slowly but surely.

In this life, there are some things that are can't be explained by science. Sometimes the only explaination we have is reality or maybe the reality we want...

Sometimes, some of us are just luckier than the rest and they don't even know it...

On a lighter note, I recently subscribed to the newsmagazine, TIME for one year. I have absolutely no idea why but like the thing with the jade, I suddenly developed a fascination and just felt somewhat compelled to buy it. I figured one whole year of in-depth knowledge about world events is world a mere A$139. It makes a good combination to my mobile news which is good and frequent but simple.

What do you think? Worth it?

Hope you enjoyed this post and it made you think a bit...

Best wishes and sweet living everyone... Shan.


Amel's Realm said...

LOVELY post about the nostalgic moments! ;-D

Indeed I agree that in life science can't explain everything and I think it's better that way (sometimes).

TIME magazine, eh? Well, as long as you're going to read it, then it's worth it. Why not? ;-D

Zhu said...

It's good to indulge a bit of nostalgia once in a while... As an immigrant AND a European I'm prone to it anyway :D

The Time magazine is alright. Taught me a lot of US politics actually, as long as you keep in mind it's a US magazine...;)

Deadpoolite said...

Although I have encountered my fair share of 'nostalgic moments' in the past , this is the one time in my life that I cant really afford it to be honest!

Probably in a few months time I'll be indulging into this "sport" again but till then, the only way to go is forward:)

Besides, as soon as I become nostalgic the "Wacky factor' kicks in and I need to reset my brain to stay half sane(if ever) . Yep, it is a curse and a gift at the same time but what can you do:)

Later dude!

Max said...

Hi Shan!

Yes, I liked it a lot :)!

I say it's a jolly good idea to have subscribed to Time! I am always thirsty of information (after all, information is Power)!

I hope these words find you well :).


Shan said...

Amel: Indeed, the post had a kind of hidden meaning so it was hard in a way for people to understand :)

I will definitely read TIME, looking forward to it.

Zhu: Of course, US magazines can be a bit biased can't they. I was looking forward to a Economist but it was too expensive...

DP: lol, you wacky Greek lol! Hope you get into it full swing huh :)

Max: Your words always find me well :)

You're right, info. is power!

Max said...

Hello Shan!

You have been awarded! Check it out at: