Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Do You Get For A Girl's Birthday?

Ahh just a quick post before I head off to bed.

Simple question, what do you get for a girl's birthday? Someone asked me recently and I had absolutely no idea. I hastily made up some answer along the lines of "oh that's easy, get her flowers and get a her "saying it with flowers book". I figured that was a smart move since it made me sound like I knew what I was talking about and was an appropriate answer... lol...

Maybe not in hindsight...

But it is a good question isn't it and it would depend on the length you know the girl right? As a friend, what can you get? Jewelry is somewhat unsuitable and expensive. What about shoes or clothes? Purse? Perfume?

Alcohol? Uhhhh, maybe not...

But what can you get that will guarantee it being actually utilised for the purpose it was designed and bought for rather than being tossed somewhere in the maze of a girl's bedroom?

How about some sex toy? I recently visited this sex shop called "Libido" in Perth with some people and saw this 10" dildo for uhh, didn't see the price... Ummm ok, this was inappropriate but apologies, just trying to cover all my bases lol... Please ignore my weird remark... It's DP's fault, his wacky remarks is infectious... blame him!

Yeeaaahh, so get back to me on this one people lol, what do you get for a girls birthday and what factors should you consider?

Looking forward to some wise replies as usual!



Henry said...

In this modern age? Get a girl a pink DS Lite with a copy of Super Princess Peach and talk about how awesome it is her that powers are based on her womanly emotions.

Kathy said...


Amel's Realm said...

It's considered "inappropriate" to give perfume to a girl (in Indo it's taboo since it's said that the girl might think she's smelly or something) UNLESS you know for sure what kind she likes's hard to know what kind of scent a woman likes and sometimes when it comes to perfume, when you spray it on your body, it may smell differently than if you just smell it from the bottle. (due to perspiration and other stuff) all depends on what she likes, actually. Is she a girly girl or a tomboy? What are her hobbies?

I wouldn't mind getting a nice set of bathroom goodies: bath salt, lotion, shower gel, etc. HE HE HE HE HE...And since I LOVE reading, I wouldn't mind getting a book.

Some girls love trinkets like funky earrings or bracelet or choker or something (they don't have to be expensive, just for collection) he he he...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I would say it depends on the girl and how well you know her, but if there's obvious thought to the gift then that's always appreciated. I would get her something related to an interest, it doesn't have to be expensive, just relevant to her taste. An ex of mine used to buy me Cds of bands he knew I'd like as I was such a big music fan. I was touched that he'd taken the time to go and select something special rather than just picking the biggest seller and getting me that. Another guy once bought me a short book with poems about dance as we met in salsa class. I loved that gift too and it couldn't have cost more than $20. Of course it depends on the girl :-)

Paper Fan Club said...

Flowers are wonderful when they're a surprise... unfortunately, that's a pretty big investment for a gift that will die in 5 days. I would say earrings are a nice gift. They're sparkly, inexpensive and they don't go on a finger (therefore, no commitment-related misunderstandings).

Zhu said...

Hum... sex toys are not advisable... Really, we can get our own ! :D

As a woman, I'd love to get :

- Make-up, or a nice cream (like a brand I already use...minimum risk of mistake)
- A gift certificate for a massage or similar

These are my favorite !

Zhu said...

Just to let you know I've just tagged you with a cultural meme I came up with with afternoon. I'd love to read yours !

Have a look at it on my blog, the latest post ;)

Max said...

Hi Shan!!!

For heaven's sake, man.....forget about the sex toy! Unless your friend goes with you to the sex-shop, and specifically tells you that she likes that kind of stuff!

Perfume is a very personal thing to offer! Purse: same thing! Clothes: she might think you're implying she doesn't know how to dress herself (women are very sensitive when it comes to shoes, accessories, and clothes)!

The best thing to do is to go out with your friend, browse the shops and see what she fancies best: than go behind her back and buy it for her! This way, you can buy her anything you wish :)! Cause you can be sure she'll like it :)!

The flowers tip was great: congrats!!!!


Deadpoolite said...


I like the way you are thinking dude:)


Guilty as charged! My madness is spreading it seems... ha,ha,ha,ha!!!

As for the question it really depends on the girl. I've seen girls that like clothes, perfumes, shoes,"what Zhu said" etc etc. One thing is for sure, they all love chocolate! I mean it must be something on their genetic make up making them all puppy eyed and sweet when they get chocolate:) Of course, after they've eaten it they feel guilty for all the extra calories and blame the guy who brought it to them...

Ah, women, such an interesting species, can't live with them, can't live without them:)

Shan said...

Henry: Hmmm, yeah lol... I appreciate the humor involved in the gift but as for the practicality... maybe a dildo is better lol!

Kathy: Chocolate.. Interesting choice... But the price would have to be high wouldn't it...

Amel: I never knew that! But it's logical just like not giving someone a grandfather clock or a cow leather wallet to an Indian...

But you are absolutely right, it would depend on the type of girl haha... I like your choices though Amel!

Fishwithoutbicycle: I like your name lol.

Again, good choices! It is true isn't it when people say that girls value small things done over many occasions than being neglected for one big thing...

Thanks for the fresh input!

PFC: Good earrings :) Definitely choicy!

You're right about the flowers, dies too quickly haha

Zhu: You know, I was thinking what you were thinking... We all love massage or some masacara lol!

And thanks for the tag, I'll make a post as soon as possible!

Max: You know, your advice just makes perfect sense. It is like two birds with one stone, you show her that you are able to offer time and be able to surprise her with something she likes!!

Excellent choice!

Thanks for the comfort of my flower advice :P But I knew it was pathetic haha!

DP: Welcome back dude!

Indeed, you confirm what I have read so far from so many wise comments.

And of course, you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Imagine if there was a third species, this world would go mad!

Thanks for your advices everyone!

It has certainly been eye opening and at times amusing! I appreciate the time you all have put in!

Best wishes from me!!!

Max said...

Hello Shan!

No, the flowers tip was not pathetic at all: I am a woman, I know!

Anyway, I have awarded once more: I just love your blog! Come and collect your award at: