Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost Quiet

I hope you are all doing well, greetings to everyone on my blogroll (Amel, Choc Mint Girl, Zhu, Crow's Feet, DP, Evil, Max, Monday Morning Power, PFC, Jeff)..

I just finished visiting everyones blogs and it seems it's like that for everyone. People seems to have began blogging less so I guess it's that time of the year for everyone isn't it? Haha, don't work too hard ladies and gents, enjoy life a bit.

These days, it seems I am losing my thinking abilities. I don't seem to be able to theorise about the many things in life anymore and I feel a bit disappointed as to why. I want to do that but everything seems to revolve about how to better manage my time and use it to better to get my life moving faster than it is - for example, getting a better job, studying harder, earning more money to have a trip around Asia, and even how to take out a mortgage. And I am only 19...

I feel old.

So I began to think why? Then I realised it's really the environment and the people you surround yourself with. They play a major part on how you think and what you want to do.

It's good, very good so don't get me wrong, a bit tiring and time consuming but it's making me more mature, think more about the practical issues in life which in many ways are more useful than me theorising because to theorise, I must have time haha!

So I am going to enjoy the ride. But of course, with my mind, random things are still gonna pop out so watch out for that odd post about my philosophy of the world huh, haha!

And it's almost spring here, I am looking forward to starting afresh in a new season and I hope everyone will too when spring arrives for you!

For now, I will leave you all with some photos of myself at a banquet. This was the 1st Anniversary of a Chinese Newspaper in Perth called Asia Times. Until next time, work hard and play hard everyone ^_^

Me on the right.

Me on the left.

Me with the glass that has the most amount of wine.

Wanna guess which one is me? Tip: Look for the ugliest one.

Open up the picture fully, she's the prettiest, very pretty actually. Ok, she HOT.

The shot was a mistake actually but I managed to capture it just as she turned and the photo came out ok haha.

Looks good to me :D

Monday, September 10, 2007


Hola my friends!!

It's been a week people and I am back again!

So what was I up to? I went paint balling! I decided to put thinking onto a backseat and burn some cash...

So yes, burn cash I did, not much but $150 for 3 hours of fun and blowing people's heads with paint!!

On a sunny morning, me and a bunch of friends went to a place south of Perth called Canning Vale. The center was called WASP Paintball. We arrived at 10am in the morning, suited up and was divided into odd and even numbered teams.

We had some practise shots (my gun jammed, shit weapons) before we hit the field. Not much recoil and fairly accurate provided you calibrate by firing few shots in a row...

The first field we hit was an inflatable field. I was on the even numbered. As we rushed to take our defensive positions, I noticed that there was 3 people lined out from the left of a bunker. So I decided to take some pot shots and guess what? 2 was hit, what a bunch of morons hahaha!

The first game we won 2-0, so easy...

The second game was a jungle course where there was a lot of bushes for hiding and sniping from. In this round, I took my position behind a wall and took shots from this position primarily. Unfortunately in a while, I was the only one left and before I realised it, some guy crawled up behind and shot me in the chest... So sad... The score was 1-1

The third game involved a barrels course. This round, I decided to take an offensive rush through the middle. Good for me since I took a high position early and got a clear view before the other team was ready and still moving. A girl very sadly was too slow and I managed to get a shot on her chest (did you know girls gets body armour? Hell we have less flesh and we don't... so unfair lmao! Then again, we don't need our chests for breeding kids... ^__^) before I crawled down. Then I decided to take the right flank and advance with backup. Unfortunately the defense was camping (like always, damned campers) and I got hit 3 times from the left AND the right flank defense and dropped out... The score was 0-2

The fourth game involved defending a fortress. We were invading the first round and our team encircled the entire fortress totally. The defense are not allowed out so we had an huge advantage. After 5 minutes of camping, I crawled and ran up next to the wall and started clearing out the defense. Once you are next to the wall, it's virtually impossible for defense to take you out unless they knew your positions. So the result was obvious, we totally killed! The score was 1-1

We defended in the second half and unfortunately, what I did happened to me and I got headshotted by a blue ball, very very sad...

The fifth game involved a speedrun with obstacles close to each other. The aim is to rush, take out as much of the enemy as you can and then camp and pick off. I went into sniper mode and just crawled into a bush area and just sniped. With a clear view and obstacles left and right, I had much cover and took out 2 players before I got hit in the arm as I moved positions... The score was 0-2

The hard part was that the helmet kept fogging up which was shit since without clear view, you can't shoot shit...

So before I wrap this post up, let me offer some tips before I forget!

1) On the word go, rush and take your positions on either the left or the right flank. Middle is dangerous unless there is a lot of obstacles to keep you safe.

2) The start of the game relies heavily on camping and sniping from your position.

3) Once a few players has been taken out, then advance and leapfrog should you have a partner. Always run zig zag and behind covers. Check your exposed side for any campers when moving or shooting.

4) Once you have found a new position, snipe away. Ensure your head pops out from different places when looking. Ensure you legs and arms are behind cover. Expose your head for no more than 3 seconds. Pop out at one place, survey enemy positions, pop out from a different location of the barrier and shoot. Adopt guerrilla warfare :)

5) Ensure when you are moving, your weapons are held level.

6) The game relies heavily on camping and sniping and only you should go on the offensive at the end with few players. However, changing positions is important but not necessarily forward :) Change on your sides and be careful of snipers and surprise attacks.

7) Wear thick clothing, drink lots of energy drinks, have fun and oh, bring $ haha. It cost me $50 for 300 rounds and on average, I blew 100 round per game which consists of two parts :) It was worth it since I took out at least 10 players. I had a 10-5 kill ratio so it wasn't too bad for a total amateur. Still, we lost 4-6 to the odd team but we can't help it, they had some professionals who had $450 customized weapons that was lighter and more accurate and the guys was way more experienced... Still, it was hell fun and we all enjoyed it!! Can't wait until the next time!!

Paintball: Worth living for, worth dying for, worthwhile getting headshots for, Amen!

BTW here's some pictures:

Find Wally: I am on the row that is standing. Count front the right. See that guy with the mask and dog tag on? No that's not me, see the guy standing to him? Yeah that's me. Or if you are still confused, look at the back row (the standing row) and count from the left. I am the sixth one with that big grin...

Here's a closer up picture of me posing. I tried be angry... I am the guy on the right, not the left...

Me trying to be neutral against these two happy hippies and their "Asian" V signs... I'll be more Asian than most "Asians" who claim to be Asians. Damned hippies. Being Asian involves a mind like no other. Just 'cause you're making a V doesn't make you Asian. Damned hippies... Ok, enough about hippies.. Damned hippies :P

Another one of me on the right. It seems I happen to like the right... You think the girl is pretty? Some of my friends think she is... But I give her 6/10. Am I shallow? Ah well, I am shallow then... I hope she is not reading my blog... If so, this is NOT my blog. It's a blog by some other Asian hippy called Shan... If you are reading by some zillion chance, you are pretty, I am just joking. I'll really give you 50/10. That's ummm 500% :D. Don't be angry, then some girls are prettier when they are angry no? I have no idea what I am talking about, it's the sugar

Me on the left, helmet in hand ready to kick some ass and fire some headshots!

Wanna guess? I'm the one in the middle. To ID, look at my blue collar :)

Sorry I didn't have any photos of me in action. It was rushed during the day and I didn't trust the referees with my camera. Next time, I promise some more photos of me with my gun posing as GI Joe huh :D. Even better, I'll bring me camcorder with someone shooting me in action getting headshots! Bwhahaha! I swear I am damned war-freak. If anything, I was a soldier in my previous life. I have a damned uncanny attraction towards guns and warfare...

Here's some more of me resting at home and eating food... And one of a highway of Perth :P

Yeah, I'm the one sitting on the couch. And yeah, that's one of my best friend, the bumblebee lying on the floor on the left. If you can see the right, there is also a red sofa with about 10 fluffy toys lined up ranging from pandas to tigers to rabbits... Very useful friends to have when you need to kick and release some energy lol... P.S. Yeah, that's a bar... We have another one in the games room lined with alcohol :) Jealous? You should be...

Yeah, that's my goldfish... Two sole survivors from the weekly change of water... veterans indeed, I salute them!

Hmmm... now where was this one... Oh yeah, it was a Chinese restaurant in the entertainment area of Perth, Western Australia. Like Roppongi in Japan I think, just a whole lot safer, boring, and dull. And yeah, the girls aren't fantastically beautiful either... I am shallow aren't I? But shhh, no one else knows this but you and me. To others, I am a thoughtful and considerate young man who values loyalty and faithfulness :) It's more useful to my future endeavors whatever they maybe... JUST KIDDING! Don't listen to me. Fidelity and loyalty are something that I value above everything. It's important everyone knows that. Hey look, there is me being the typical Asian hippy and "our" V sign... I am such a damned hippy...

P.S. That is called Steamboat or Huo Guo in Chinese...

A highway in the the typical Perth afternoon.

Ok, that's it from me people. I hope you had fun reading all my "shit" today.

And yeah, I am not a big ass, overweight geek who has no life and talk about life in front of a computer all day :P.

Until next time, enjoy life everyone!!

P.S.S. I scored this in the test I saw from Amel!

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You are a curious, and inquisitive person. You have keen observational skills, and enjoy thinking about words. You are shy sometimes, and enjoy your solitude to reflect on nature.

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What was yours?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Interesting Enlightenment

Well, something interesting happened today that made me discover or rather reinforce what I have long felt. It's hard to put what I found into exact words so listen to my story and try to understand...

Today, I met a friend on the bus that I haven't seen for a long time. She used to study a same unit with me and I helped her out with some of her problems, and from there developed an interesting friendship.

From the initial point when I spoke to her, I just changed. I am sure we all do to an extent depending on the person we are with but I just changed. I am not exaggerating. I became... well I went into overdrive with my thinking process. I just went hyperactive throwing jokes and conversing like there was no tomorrow. Hard to say what I turned into but something of extreme happiness and friendliness. Time absolutely flied as we found conversation points on absolutely nothing, it was absolutely amazing...

Eventually it ended as we transferred stations. As I walked, I reflected as to what just happened and I realised something.
For guys, certain girls can really bring out the best in you provided the guy has a decent nature to use initially. I mean their (girl) behaviour can really reinforce and take you to a whole new level. The compatibility of people's personalities is quite amazing and I never realised just how amazing until today and I am sure my eyes will be enlightened even more in the near future.
I feel like I have so much more to say but pretty much the gist of what I have discovered is outlined above. That is, guys can change dramatically (well at least I know I can) when with certain girls. Of course, this definitely applies to girls as well... Well I hope so...

I realised that the person I have described above is really who I enjoy being particularly when I am with a lady. I want to be able to make her laugh, to make her carefree and to make her happy. Being a quiet and thoughtful person is something that's useful in business situations but not in others... Hence, I discovered something today from this one girl that I havn't seen for a such long time that reinforced what I have so long felt. Talk about transformative experiences...

I have discovered something about the girl I like being with, the person I like being, the nature of compatibility and finally to cap it off, a quote that I find truly describes how I feel in many ways:
Behind every strong man is a strong woman

A bit cliche but how true... how absolutely true.

You know, I wasn't going to make this post because it sounds so corny yet as I watched a re-run of the movie "Something about Mary" and just something about Cameron Diaz's character set me off and I knew I had to make this summary of what I discovered today. A strong girl makes me a stronger guy while a weaker girl makes me more insecure and less stronger and as I type this, it just sounds so damned true.

Something for the future to remember...

Anyway, am really tired so if my post seems a bit incoherent in some ways, I apologise but if all else fails, just read my quote and you'll get the gist of my post.

Meanwhile, like usual, enjoy LIFE!!


P.S. My move in employment certainly brought fruits soon enough! I will be doing two courses soon with one being Basic Management Training (BMT) and the other being Advanced Food Safety (AFS). Looking forward to being a manager, it's about time! It's true people, don't fear change, embrace it and it will bring benefits! Like the saying, if the old don't go, the new won't come :D

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful song called Close To You by The Carpenters: