Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing Wrong With P2P

In todays world, the media controls alot of what's going on. Which is a shame because status quo will always be broken and change will occur.

Media makes everything seems so distorted which is a shame on the current generation of journalists since it makes them look so shallow and dodgy.

It's just the case with P2P technology BitTorrent. The damned media around the world is making the BT site thepiratebay.org sound like criminals. Will if they're such criminals, why havn't they being shut down yet? Because of the judicial process? Because laws are made by men and since men are flawed, so are the laws? Or because of the fact that in the 21 st century, media's control over things are slowly being taken away and the power is coming back to the people?

So currently we have the the site being sued by some crap law firm in that the site's engaging in illegal practices. I am really interested to see what outcomes will be achieved.

In the meantime, I am all for P2P. Now I don't care whether the site makes alot of money because it should as hard work = money. I just hope the site doesn't get too greedy and become the total opposite of what it's advocating.

Just on a side note, I'd like to promote two wonderful pieces of softwares that can be found on www.thepiratebay.org and www.mininova.org. The first is something called AnyDVD which basically removes all protection on DVD's which means you can burn it with any approved burners and watch protected DVD's on any DVD player. The second piece of software is DVDFab Platinum which basically copies DVD's and writes them onto your hard drive or onto a blank DVD while removing ALL protection.

Wonderful these softwares aren't they? So just in case you can get your head around what I'm saying, download these two piece of softwares and you'll be set for sometime until Blu-ray wins the format war. So first, if you just want to watch DVD's without protection, download AnyDVD. Now if you want to burn those protected DVDs to save for future viewing, download DVDFab platinum which is a one is all software that removes all protection, copies and burns them onto your hard drive and/or onto blank DVD's. Once you have removed protection, the final disc can be viewed without AnyDVD. So realistically speaking, AnyDVD is really so useful until you decide to burn it. But having both means you're set without a worry and they really go hand in hand so get both.

Of course. the burner software is a bit slow so I suggest you use DVDFab Platinum to copy the contents to the hard drive then burn the unprotected contents onto the DVD with a software such as Nero.

Ok, now having done my piece to help promote P2P, now it's up to you to go download these softwares!! Share!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Bigger Picture

"Diplomacy is about choosing your battles"

That quote is something I'll remember for a long time. That quote also reminds me to think of the bigger picture about everything. In our bid to achieve outcomes, we sometimes neglect the bigger picture of the situation and forget why things are the way they are.

Take the war between Hamas and Israel for example. The war is never going to end if you allow me to have a guess, not until the current generation of leadership dies and replaced by the next crop and even that. No matter how hard Israel punishes Hamas by cutting off electricity and so on, it'll not stop them from trying to attain their ultimate goal: the destruction of the "Zionist enemy". Hamas on the other hand is not going to give up arms and go to the negotiating table because if they do, someone else will come and take their spot as "destroyer of Israel". One, they'll become weak by negotiating and in the face of Muslim fanaticism, their power will be usurped. Two, complacency leads to problems. While I lack the knowledge regarding Middle Eastern affairs, by looking at the bigger picture, it is obvious to see that the war is going be become generational and unless strong and visionary leaders rise from both places, no amount of intervention is going to ensure the end of the bloodshed. Change is the only constant and status quo will be formed and then broken.

I hate to say this but peace in the Middle East is something that won't be achieved in the next few decades. It may be sustained temporarily bu true peace will never come. Religion is not always a good thing.

Moving on to another example, I recently read an article regarding China's aircraft carrier ambition. According to the author, China will unveil its prototype aircraft carrier named Shi Lang after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the article, it mentioned about a possible naval confrontation with India over energy supplies and how China may need to have bases in Myanmar AKA Burma. This made me think of why China played a little role in the pressuring of Burma over its human rights abuses. Because it considered the bigger picture. A number of factors must be taken into considerations before China makes any major decisions because in the bigger picture, everything is linked and has repercussions. If China pushed hard to satisfy Western desires, it'll be left with few allies in times of need. Of course, other factors comes into play, not just military but I'll not mention them here.

As I read my article, it seems that nothing is linked and somewhat superficial. It's probably my poor method of expression. The mind turns faster than what I can transpose into written English. If you could step into my mind, perhaps you'll be able to glimpse more than the fraction of what I have written here.