Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing Wrong With P2P

In todays world, the media controls alot of what's going on. Which is a shame because status quo will always be broken and change will occur.

Media makes everything seems so distorted which is a shame on the current generation of journalists since it makes them look so shallow and dodgy.

It's just the case with P2P technology BitTorrent. The damned media around the world is making the BT site thepiratebay.org sound like criminals. Will if they're such criminals, why havn't they being shut down yet? Because of the judicial process? Because laws are made by men and since men are flawed, so are the laws? Or because of the fact that in the 21 st century, media's control over things are slowly being taken away and the power is coming back to the people?

So currently we have the the site being sued by some crap law firm in that the site's engaging in illegal practices. I am really interested to see what outcomes will be achieved.

In the meantime, I am all for P2P. Now I don't care whether the site makes alot of money because it should as hard work = money. I just hope the site doesn't get too greedy and become the total opposite of what it's advocating.

Just on a side note, I'd like to promote two wonderful pieces of softwares that can be found on www.thepiratebay.org and www.mininova.org. The first is something called AnyDVD which basically removes all protection on DVD's which means you can burn it with any approved burners and watch protected DVD's on any DVD player. The second piece of software is DVDFab Platinum which basically copies DVD's and writes them onto your hard drive or onto a blank DVD while removing ALL protection.

Wonderful these softwares aren't they? So just in case you can get your head around what I'm saying, download these two piece of softwares and you'll be set for sometime until Blu-ray wins the format war. So first, if you just want to watch DVD's without protection, download AnyDVD. Now if you want to burn those protected DVDs to save for future viewing, download DVDFab platinum which is a one is all software that removes all protection, copies and burns them onto your hard drive and/or onto blank DVD's. Once you have removed protection, the final disc can be viewed without AnyDVD. So realistically speaking, AnyDVD is really so useful until you decide to burn it. But having both means you're set without a worry and they really go hand in hand so get both.

Of course. the burner software is a bit slow so I suggest you use DVDFab Platinum to copy the contents to the hard drive then burn the unprotected contents onto the DVD with a software such as Nero.

Ok, now having done my piece to help promote P2P, now it's up to you to go download these softwares!! Share!!


Zhu said...

I support P2P as well. I think the world has changed, and basically... just deal with it. It doesn't mean that people shouldn't pay for cultural products: I buy books, go to movies a lot, rent movies... and use P2P.

Culture has to be accessible. Stop making money on our back. Pay the artists, that's it!

Amel's Realm said...

Ahhhh...I didn't know that the media made the BT site sound like criminals. Well, I also don't know much about politics, thus I can't really respond on your other post.

But it's good to have you back and read your thoughts, Shan. :-)))

And THANKS for the suggestions about the two softwares. ;-D Have a nice weekend! ;-D

Shan said...

Zhu: How true. If I feel something is worthy of purchase, I'll support it 100%

Amel: Don't worry Amel. Don't be pressued into making comments. If you feel you have nothing to comment on, don't. :)

But since you use the net, I'm sure you've used P2P :P

Shan said...

Jeff: True words. But hope is something that everyone has as hope exists, I'm sure there'll be peace.

Provided we don't get taken over by aliens or get hit by meteors lol..

Max said...

Hey Shan,

Interesting post, indeed...
Well, I don't condone pirate sites, nor CDs nor DVDs cause we must think about royalties due to the artists and creators of such software.

But this article was rather informational in a sense that I learned stuff that I didn't know, and for that I thank you, my friend ;D!

Have a blessed week!