Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Fruits of My Labour


Actually, no, but I'm just as ecstatic. Ever done something well and right and you just feel so suddenly good? Well I'm feeling it now because I done something that I feel proud of.

I fixed up two of my PC's in 3 days including a new hard drive, total installation of all files, new graphics card tweaking and finally, new game.

I'm not going to make any sense because I've been trying to fix a shutdown/restart error of my laptop for the last hour. The time is 5:12am.

Two things I want to address in this blog/diary note and the main purpose is for me to share information with others facing similar issues to me. If you're reading this, thank me because my work did not come easy. Fuck no.

1) Counter Strike: Source. An interesting game I bought a day ago. Quite different to 1.3 haha and too damn realistic. Fucking grenades don't bounce the same either and damned noobs can't throw flash properly. Kids, you throw the 'nades at the enemy, not your fucking team mate you little turds.

Anyway, I tried to play this game on my low end laptop which had a 945GM Graphics card. Integrated of course. I got a black screen and can't get into the options. So it runs but not good enough. After much research and reading loads of shit, I found only 2 articles which mentioned that Source can be run on this card. Determined to prove this myself, I searched further and asked shitloads of people who mostly abused my card and made fun of my laptop.

Well guess what fuckers, it ran. With new drivers, and the well known Casey's config as well as dropping -dxlevel to 7, it ran biatches. On net with half full map, I got an amazing 10fps average!! You won't believe how much fun I had... So people, you can run source on low end cards and even integrated provided you tweak the settings enough and lowering your -dxlevel to 7. If anyone bumps into this article and want more info, email me.

2) Ever experienced shutdown problems? Or reboot problems? Sometimes it takes you fricking 2 mins to do either?

Well, I did on my laptop again! What a damned headache... I had no idea why so I formatted the shit (it needed that anyway). So it did the same again after a format (along with all new installations...) so I formatted it again. Yeah, I formatted it twice with the second time done after installing everything... You know how painful that is? It's fucking depressing sitting in front of the PC doing that. I now know I'm not the IT type. I get lonely and depressed but then again who don't after playing with 2 PCs non stop for 3 days in a row...

Anyway, the third time round, I decided to declare war. One can't have peace unless one uses force. I should've learned that from WW1. I went on the net again scouring info. about what the problem was. Mainly got loads of old shit about random crap not applicable to modern situations.

But with a few gold nuggets here and there I pieced together a war plan. Firstly, I realised I needed to identify my source of problem. To do that, I needed to access the Event's Manager in CP. With that I was able to see all errors and it showed that one or more of my resources are not unloading their memory properly @ shutdown/restart. It however didn't tell me which one so I followed the error code and found a program (UPHClean) which supposedly unloaded it without me finding out. Unfortunately it was snake medicine and didn't do what it purported. But from it, I was able to find out which program was fucking with me and it was a Toshiba sound program. Dodgy programmers who can't program for shit, they fuck up so it conflicts with my other shit which fucks me up... Fuck.

tvstray.exe you bastard. You know how much misery and pain you've caused me? I hope the programmer goes to hell. So armed with msconfig I disabled the fucker for good. Now it doesn't fuck with me anymore. I'm telling all you processes, fuck with me again and I'll delete you for good. Hear me.

It's late, so tired, sorry for so much expletives but 3 days of this shit really tires you out. Ciao.


Zhu said...

Yep, know the feeling. Fixing a computer or a blog for that matters can be extremely rewarding. Or a major headache. Either way :D

Amel's Realm said... really need some rest, Shan!!! But KUDOS to you for being able to do all of that.

Gladly hubby does all those things for me, so I don't have to deal with it he he he he...

Have a RESTFUL weekend! ;-D

Anonymous said...

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Max said...

Oh, yeah..I have experienced the pain of dealing with my laptops too! What a bloody pain!!!

I am glad you fixed it, man! *High five*!