Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Magical Korean Films

This ones for you Happy Fool! :)

Korea, The Land of Morning Calm is a beautiful place indeed. With a rich culture and amazing yet deadly history, it's a place where most people associate with fashion and fast internet (well for South Korea at least ^_^). With over 72 million people including both North and South Koreans, it's the 18th largest nation in the world if ranked.

In the past few months, I've been somewhat addicted to another wonderful part of the Korean culture, it's films. Call me a movie fanatic or a movie buff, Korean films hits the spot for me. Most in particular the ladies (=P) but also the beautifully crafted plot and amazing actors and actresses.

Today I finished watching a top war film called Tae Gu Ki (태극기) AKA Brotherhood of War. Similar in style to Saving Private Ryan, it details the lives of two Korean brothers fighting (trapped) in the deadly Korean War. It brought back the memories of our forefathers who fought and died to create the nations we are living in. God bless them whoever you may be.

Another interesting film that comes to mind is The Art of Seduction (작업의 정석) starring the damned gorgeous Son Ye-jin (손예진). Her acting is simply spot on, flirtatious yet stopping from being slutty. Sexy, sophisticated and attractive, the perfect woman.

There is so much out there and I've seen most of the popular ones I believe. On a side note, if you are looking for good Korean movies to watch and not sure, please don't hesitate to give me an email. I'd love to help!

It's late so let me conclude with a song from my culture for you: "At Least I Still Have You"


Max said...

Hey Shan,

How have you been doing, man?
Korean culture? Hmm, I must check it out...I have never read, nor watched anything about it. I have watched Hong Kong movies though, and Chinese of course (which I love). And I cannot forget Japanese movies...I love the Japanese Culture, don't ask me why (even though they were the allies of the Nazi party)...

Take care...

Deadpoolite said...

There has been an astounding selection of quality Korean movies this past decade or so and it is good that those movies have reached a wider global audience.

Of course there are some quality greek blogs out there as well (namely mine but I am too modest for words so I will shut up the way the URL is...oh come on DP, behave... LOL).


Anonymous said...

hiya! I like tae gu ki too!! Haven't watched Art of Seduction though (cause the cover doesn't feature handsome men, ha-ha!) but yes, I agree with you, Female Korean Earthlings are pretty indeed!! (The men are somewhat pretty decent, as long as they're not trying to be as feminine.) You can graduate to Korean Dramas next ;p

Life is very confusing here, you know, having to master Italian, English, Mandarin (this is just a disguise, Martians have no culture) and Earthlish at the same time. You earthlings are like Neapolitan Icecream, whereas we Martians are all just Strawberry flavoured.

well, good luck with mundane earthly life then! =)

Shan said...

Hi Max! Haha, I just love the way you always added a man? to the end of your sentences. It makes you even more feminine. Of course, I could be wrong and that you are really a guy pretending to be a girl in which I should feel highly embarrassed right now... I am hoping for the former...

Anyway, I've been doing good and thanks for asking :D I've been popping over to your blog here and there but never really had time to comment in depth. A shame really considering the contents of your recent articles.

On another note, you must check out Korean films. Most of them have English subtitles. You may just find them interesting...

DP: My man, I can't believe you still have the time to visit my blogs considering the fact that you're not a soldier... Or are you?

You got to come back and make some posts about your life in the Army... I'm truly interested

V: First of all, I like your name. V. Exactly the name I use to play CS and blow people's head off. WOnderful isn't it?

As for your comment, I must say Martians do eat some weird stuff for them to speak with such frankness and ... Let's just leave it at that lol... But you brought a smile on my face and thanks for that V hahaha

Zhu said...

Same here, never had a chance to check out Korean movies. I watched a bunch of Chinese ones though.