Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tired of My Job

It's official, I hate my job. It has a poor environment with poor pay and poor treatment. I hate all the kids I have to manage and all the colleagues I have to be nice to who in truth needs to have their heads checked.

With a little background info., I'm a manager of a world famous fast food chain (lame..) and I get to manage 15-20 yr old boys and girls. I also have to associate with 40 yr old colleagues who mostly lack social skills in their treatment of everyone.

When I first started out at this job, I was 17. After being hired, I decided to set myself a goal of reaching "Silver" status in the crew hierarchy before quitting. I got that in 10 months. Rather than quitting and moving on, I stayed as the work environment was fun and I got to associate with smart individuals my age from all nationalities.

Nearly two years later, due to a variety of situations from deteriorating work relations to poor promotional prospects (I wanted management, crew was crap), I decided to transfer store.

Now this was no easy choice and I had to forsake a range of benefits. In hindsight, it was a correct choice because in any decision, one has to try to maximise as much of his most valued values as possible while minimising as few as possible. I chose promotion and challenge over intrinsic benefits @ old store.

Within 2 months, I obtained a spot in the management chain. So I got the privilege of running the store of 50 odd individuals alongside 4 other managers. It was fun at the beginning and I've learnt alot. However, I'm been doing this for almost 4 months now and it's a dead end and frankly, even if it was open end, I'd been sick of it.

The challenge's gone and I can't set myself anymore challenges without resorting to being a full timer which frankly, is out of the question considering my ambitions and desires. Furthermore, I detest the majority of my kiddies and my fellow managers who always seem to have a pin up her ass. I swear I'm going to do something regrettable to her one day... Call me an organisational psychopath...

Also the pay is poor considering what they pay people for part time jobs these days and there is NO PRETTY GIRLS HERE!! Well, they're all too young and too.. dim. I hate dim girls. Without wit, they're just boring...

The only good thing is free food and that's bad for me.

So I figured these reasons must be why I always dread my work everytime I think about going to it. I'm burnt out and I need a new job. With this vent out of the way, I'm going to officially start looking for something that'll begin my career. It's time to get serious.

I'm sleepy now...



MP3 e MP4 said...
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Choc Mint Girl said...

Hey, Shan! Change job, fast!! I don't like the words organisational psychopath!!! Scary thoughts.

Zhu said...

You should delete the first comment, pure spam... I hate these!

Anyway, I'm sure managing is much tougher than it looks. Changing job might do your well... no point in staying if you hate it, right?

Shan said...

Choc: Yes, I would except I need to set a few things into order first. Then yes, it's bye bye to HJ..

Zhu: Done :)

Yeah, managing is harder than it looks. Balancing team dynamics where every minute counts is not as easy as it might sound.

But it's really the environment, I am tired in a place where I'm always unhappy.

I think I'd prefer something that has less job security yet allow me to demonstrate my potential because simply, I know I can outperform most of the current managers if I were to had the job as full time.

But ah well, it's fast food and well, I would do something more exciting.

JGirl4You said...

Cheer up, try to keep up the good spirit and quit your job with honor so at least you'll have a good cv for another job :)

Amel's Realm said...

GREAT decision. GOOD LUCK in finding something better for you in terms of challenge and money and your future. ;-D

Deadpoolite said...

I can pull the trigger any time you know... Just say when... A word of caution though, I don't come cheap:).

Seriously though, it seems that your time at that job is nearing its end one way or another. Roll with it until something more hopeful and with more potential comes your way. You are young and you can afford to wait a little bit more , no reason to 'rush into something else just for rushing's sake'.

After this Yodish advice, I will end my current comment by saying that the 'pulling the trigger' offer still stands:).


Max said...

Hola Shan!

Man...dim Girls? Poor kiddies LOL...

I got news for you: even if you change, it doesn't get better! Dull people are everywhere! Sometimes I have to spends hours smiling at, talking and being nice to people whom I wouldn't give a time of day outside the work environment *nodding*!

But that is just life! Now, free food: that is poison, man!!! LOL you will gain weight and that is a no no lol... ;D


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