Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Earphones and A Song

mmm so my poor iPod 'buds was KIA partially due to mistreatment on my part... Intent on finding something superior for the price of $48 for a replacement, I went on a 2 hour research spree.

The search was fruitful after visiting a variety sites including Amazon, CNET, eBay and Whirlpool. Well, ok, maybe you think the sites are crap but they have a large number of reviews and recommendations which was what I seeked. So my aim was to find something sub-$100 AUD that was somewhat famous and superior in quality in clarity and bass than the old iPod stock 'buds.

After looking at a variety of Sennheiser buds, I was kind of settled on the MX 550. After some more research, I decided to look out for some cheap Etymotic due to its quality but then realised they were quite expensive and outside my parameters.

So in accordance, I hunted on. After a recommendation from a friend, I went to visit heaphones.com.au which listed a large number of top brands including beyerdynamic, sennheiser, ultimate ears, alessandro, koss etc etc.

How surprised to find that this site was the holy grail. It had everything I wanted including free advice and all top brands with free delivery in Australia. So after much work, I decided to settle for either a Yuni PK3 or Koss KSC-75 both of which are highly recommended. More so in that both are superior stock iPod buds.

I am currently awaiting an email regarding some advice before I settle on one. The only regret I kinda have is that iPod's marketing hype is so effective that if I'm not seen wearing a stock iPod bud, people may think my MP3 is crap... yeah, I'm very image focused. Nonetheless, I'm going to settle for insider pride! For those in the knows, they will know my brands are top quality. I'm also hoping the brand names are very clear and showing :D

Like a person once said, just because you havn't heard the brands I listed doesn't mean Sony is better - nothing against Sony, I have a set of Sony headphones ^_^

Now the main purpose I had in publishing this post is to inform people who are doing similar research like me. If you happen to stumble by my little world, please head over to headphones.com.au and have a look. The brands advertised are not mass marketed brands and chances are you'll not have heard of them - what they are though is top class brands catering for the sounds professionals who knows what's the best. Go with any of them and you'll not go wrong. Just remember iPod buds are not as shit as everyone says, they're decent but you can get better ones at a decent price. If you're budget limited like me, stay with the stock until they're burnt. Then look for one of those brands because I feel the improvement in quality will allow you to get over the marketing hype.

Finally, I've been listening to a song called Bleeding Love. Wonderful, good melody. GO download it! I'm looking forward to listening to it on my iPod with my new 'buds.

Until next time, take care.

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