Monday, May 12, 2008

Microsoft's Password Recovery

Well, something bad happened last night. I wet my bed, something I havn't done in a long time... I think.

But no, I did not. I don't hope to either but I dreamt shitloads about you. No, that's a lie too.

But I'm going to say a truth and that is how great I think Windows One Care service team has become. Just last night, I lost my password for Hotmail and hence Messenger and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to it's importance to me.

I spent precious hours scouring for a possible solution when I should've been researching and came up found wanting. The effort was futile and I was deeply saddened by this. Then I found a great link that allowed me to recover my password through account verification with Windows Live team.

It is as follows:

Another one is as follows:

(Thanks for About)

From these two links, you are able to get support from the Live team, a real life technician who will verify the information you send them who will then send you a password reset link expiring in 3 days.

I got a response easily within 24 hours and was provided with a link to gain access. I found things to be simple and fast despite my initial skepticism. So if you lost your hotmail password, you can recover it through this link. Preferably, make sure you don't lose it in the first place and have a good secret answer that you can write down and hide somewhere.

I just want to thank Aldrin from the Live team for helping me with this effort and say that you've gained a faithful Hotmail supporter for a long time :)

Zai Jian People.

P.S. AskLeo is a load of shit. It's a very outdated site so ignore his advice because this service will give your account back.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The End

So, I've decided to kill myself.

Actually no. It's something that has not crossed my mind and I'm hoping it'll remain that way. This joke may sounds bad but I can be an ass sometimes and frankly, I care little and little about many things these days.

My life is reaching a crucial stage over the next few months. Soon, I'll be graduating and many things are going to happen at a fast pace. The first is deciding on just what to do. Is it time to look for a job or continue studying? With a job, I am able to take out a mortgage (this is a must before moving out) and move on with life. Though it makes you wonder what's the point when it all ends? I guess the process is much more important than the end right?

Anyway, going off track a bit there... I think it'll be better to find a job and take out a mortgage. This way I can move out and proceed faster towards my life goals whatever they are... Now this is a damned depressing thought... Looking for a proper job... On one hand, I'll be leaving my dreaded workplace but on the other, the depressing thought of being rejected until I find the desired job (if there is one) doesn't make things much more brighter.

Nonetheless, move forward I must. I think once I find a graduate position, I'll see if I can attempt honours part time because it's something that can make me special lol... Another thought... Writing this post makes me feel my options are everywhere. I need to do a mindmap soon...

Anyway, yeah... that's a bit of random rant about my soon to explode life... Definitely a typical life for an average kid. Not as exciting as dealing drugs or being a child soldier...

I'm hoping I'll have something more exciting to rant about next time... Until then, adios my friends. Wish me luck.

P.S. Please don't surprise me. I'm a mundane individual, I long for stability. I don't like betting until I know I have a good chance of succeeding. If I fail, I tend to back away, learn from my mistakes and try again. But when I try again, I hope the situation will have changed enough to give me a better chance of succeeding. Of course, that's very much unlikely so all in all, surprises sucks. I don't change much...