Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 Wealth Cornerstones

I realised that to have real power and finance in life, one should establish a foothold in these 4 cornerstones.
1) Organised Crime: Outrageous? In the past and in the modern times, organised crime can net you more money than a legitmate career, despite the risks and other unpleasant issues. Research shows that organised crime earns billions from their illicit activities. I'm not advocating this but having certain contacts would certainly assist.
2) Government: One should have a position in the government or have solid sources from the government. This will ensure that the law will not intefere with your activities.
3) Land Ownership: The basic need. Having land is a lucrative source of income and it's a guaranteed source of income. You need land because it's secure.
4) Business: Simple, you need a business. Without a business, you'll forever be generating money for other people.
Perhaps I am crazy, but if you think about it, these are the foundations on which people prosper.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graduation Cognitive Dissonance

Today, I had a somewhat interesting enlightment while contemplating on the train tonight. I may have discovered a new form of post university/colleage post traumatic disorder. I call it "graduation cognitive dissonance (GCD)". This is the period of depression that an individual enter after graduating from their course, whether it be a fear of the wrong choice of degree/career, the fear of hating the degree/career path, the fear of not choosing something that can get you a job.

The syptoms of GCD includes: depression, continuous sighing, non-stop self reflection, envy of engineers, economists, doctors and those job guaranteed smart bastards, rationalisation to convince yourself of how it's too late and how you have other benefits, attempts to relieve pressure(s) exerted on you directly or indirectly, consciously or sub-consciously, existant or non existant. These symptoms are capped off by a numbing sensation in the brain along with a heavy heart. Furthermore, these symptoms are amplified if you hate your current dead end job and if you have many friends who to you is in a similar position but acts like they have not a care in the world.

So, perhaps this is just me or perhaps this applies to alot of people who don't know why they are so sad after graduating. I think this is just me because I am a lame, no life loser, who has a huge and easily bruisable ego and whom personality is so lame and crap... Anyway, I did discover a few solutions that can reduce this disorder.

1) Establish and eliminate sources of GCD. For example, I hate my dead end job so I will try to find a new one.

2) Get in touch with friends who did a similar course and identify possible employment opportunities.

3) Get drunk. Actually no. While it may mitigate your reasoning skills, it does not remove the problem.

4) Find a girl/guy and start become an abusive partner and push them to work harder to support you because you're an official GCD sufferer and has the right to lean on the strong.

5) Create a blog and do what I do, blog randomlessly about random ideas that comes up in your head and hope others will find it ramdomly interesting.

But seriously, I think the best way to get out of this phase is to find a worthwhile employment. According to David McClelland, we have a need for afilliation, achievement and power so find your source of motivation and never give up. It's too late to change your degree so think of the reasons why you did it and work hard in making the best out of it. It will pay off (I'm hoping...) and you will move into a new phase that I have yet to experience and therefore unable to comment.

Anyway, enough blubbering. Still looking forward to my magical event!! And oh yeah, I wanna find a proper web host, any recommendations?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Amusing Thought

Have you ever been in a situation where alot of things seems to be resting on the outcome of one event? That is, how the near future of your life will pan out depending on how well the event in questions turns out?

I'm sure all of us has been at crossroads in our lives, where we have to make a decision on where we want to go and how we will go to get there. Of course, some of us do not see life as clearly as that and I'm sure we have our reasons but lets ignore that aspect for one second.

Some may also be thinking, well, you shouldn't have put your eggs in one basket huh? I concur but sometimes, mistakes on my part or circumstances does not allow me to have extra eggs so lets ignore this aspect as well.

I'm in a similar predicament at the moment and I find it amusing. The future of my life seriously depend on this event for the time being and my life can turn out wonderfully if I succeed in this event or it can face more uncertainty and mediocrity if I fail. And I'm not talking about the exams. I have been thinking just how damned hilarious it is... Funny as this is, I do not feel the pressure, perhaps because judgement day has not neared yet.

I'm not sure what else I can say except this is amusing and I just wanted to point it out. If you are curious, I'll make sure I update on exactly what I mean with this post. I will of course, endeavour to make sure I prepare the best I can to succeed. Success and prestige or uncertainty and mediocrity in my life and career rests on how well I perform in this event. I am really looking forward to success and I hope everyone who reads this wish me every luck.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Little Less Thought, A Little Less Effort..

And ... Maybe Life Would Be A Bit Sweeter.. For You And Me..

It's been a while since I made my last post. Upon reflection, it seems that I have lost alot of my energy to blog. No longer do I find the activity as enjoyful as I first ventured out into this wonderful territory. I am not sure why but I'm guessing it has something to do with the topic of this post.

Blogging used to be a method of expression for me... Something to write down the thoughts that come to me during each day. It's worked well and I think I've made some nice posts that are insightful and open minded. Of course, some not so but I'd like to think the majority was good.

Therefore I intend to continue. But my life's quite hectic and depressing these days... Let me address some of the events that has been occuring:

1) Good thing. I got my license. Something that will give me freedom but it's a double edged sword I think. It also signifies it's time for me to spread my own wings after years of peace under that of my parents.

2) Soon to graduate. As I approach the near end of my university studies, it signifies entering the rat race. The pressure is quite frustrating. On one hand, I need to get out of my current part time job and on the other, I need to find a job that's related to my degree within a decent timeframe. The desire not to fail and show that I can do people proud is overwhelming. Everytime I think about going back to the part time job, I get a dreaded feeling. I realise that I despise that workplace and large majority of the people, especially the colleagues. Therefore, the need to get out is ever mounting. I just can't wait to get the hell out even if it means finding a job not relating to my degree. With something that can contribute to my experience in an office environment, I can always work up just as long as I get out. Job hunting sucks though... So many applications, so many deadlines, so many questions. Be nice to be born rich huh lol...

3) A somewhat unnatural desire to get fit. I've began a gradual exercise regime of jogging and basketball along with usual body toning stuff. No idea why but this is quite unlike before, it just came out of nowhere. This point reinforces point two in that I need to get the fuck out of the fast food joint since working there = dodgy shifts = bad food = hard scheduling and poor diet. Need to get out....

4) A need to organise and understand finances. This point illustrates my subconscious's desire to take out a mortgage... Share broking, business opportunities, networking blah blah blah... I need to move out. Just a natural desire and something that's also weighing on my mind...

5) The need to get in touch with old acquaintances and catchup...

6) Last exams for my first university degree. Also just in time to celebrate my B-Day right after graduating with the degree. That'll be cool. Need to find out about honours, another crushing thought...

So I'll stop there. Typical stuff, everyone who's 20 must be worrying like me. I feel for you all, I truly do and I give out my sincerest hopes for your endeavors in this length of your life journey. For those who are not worrying, I am scared for you. For those who's gone through it and is go a good path, I envy you so wish me luck to get through this stage well. I realise I've gotten very personal, possibly the most personal post I've made in my blogging life. Ah well, that can't be helped, I needed an outlet to vent, an outlet that can't speak back and tell me you have nothing to worry about. Fools.

On a lighter note, for those of you who are still reading my blog, I apologise for not reading and visiting. I hope you understand. I thought I could go into active modes a few times before but I realise now that it will be impossible until everything I am worrying reaches a stable mode. I did create a Facebook account based on pressure from people and I am curious to see how many friends I can recruit lol, it's like a game. Search my email on my profile and add me :P

Also, I have taken sometime out and looked at a few Blogger templates. I want a minimalistic design and I found a few good ones. Again, when I get some time, I will give my blog a revamped look. I intend to add in some nice sections including Books, Movies and Music. Perhaps you'll find something I like that is to your interest as well :)

Until next time, here's a nice song from the famous Marie Digby: Say It Again and oh, don't think too much like me so SMILE!!!!! ^_^