Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 Wealth Cornerstones

I realised that to have real power and finance in life, one should establish a foothold in these 4 cornerstones.
1) Organised Crime: Outrageous? In the past and in the modern times, organised crime can net you more money than a legitmate career, despite the risks and other unpleasant issues. Research shows that organised crime earns billions from their illicit activities. I'm not advocating this but having certain contacts would certainly assist.
2) Government: One should have a position in the government or have solid sources from the government. This will ensure that the law will not intefere with your activities.
3) Land Ownership: The basic need. Having land is a lucrative source of income and it's a guaranteed source of income. You need land because it's secure.
4) Business: Simple, you need a business. Without a business, you'll forever be generating money for other people.
Perhaps I am crazy, but if you think about it, these are the foundations on which people prosper.


Zhu said...

Land isn't that secure... cf. the USA.

I can't do crime. I'm way too naive.

Gov'... not my thing.

I suck at business and marketing.

I guess I'm just powerless and penniless then!

Amel's Realm said...

Being wealthy is good, but it may be also stressful. A friend of mine whose business she runs with her hubby has been going VERY well says that her life is now enjoyable (she doesn't have to worry about money), BUT the stress level is VERY high.

I choose a life where my needs are met and I still have some money to save for rainy days and a little bit of money for entertainment and refreshing purposes where there is lack stress.

I choose my hubby 'coz he's not too ambitious. I want a hubby who's there for me and who's there for our kids, too. I don't want a hubby who focuses more on his ambitions or work than me and our family.

Whatever you choose, you've gotta be prepared to pay the prices and consequences. As long as you're happy and you're not doing any harm to anybody else (incl. yourself), GO FOR IT he he he he...

Max said...

Hey Shan!

Let's see what you have brought us:

Organised crime: I hope you are not suffering from the "Michael Corleone Disorder" LOL? This line of business generates a lot of money that is true, but the hassle you would go through, not to mention the work of entering a family first, then gain their trust, then beat up some people to show them that you have guts; kill, practice extortion, rocketeering, drug selling (not all families do it, but some do)...the violance; the police investigations, the don't want that!

Government: LOL sounds like a good plan; but this implies a lot of lobbying, having the right connections; spending money on country-clubs (that's where you make the "right" acquaintances), invest money on your image, spend a lot of time sucking up people etc etc...

Land Ownership: yes! It is indeed a basic need and secure!

Business: it has to be an innovative one. If you are going to the market to the same things that everybody does, you won't succeed; and you will end up by doing what you did before - generating money for others (which is not bad, since you also guarantee your own paycheck)!

Interesting article, Shan! :D

I hope you're doing all right, mate :D!


Shan said...

Zhu: lol. I guess you'll be right. But your blog is very nice and it's a business concept in itself. So in someway, you find into one area.

Amel: True very true. How well your comment coincide with my latest post :P

Max: Trust max to have a brainflow!

Crime: Nah, I don't like this line. But it's a good area.

Gov: lol that's sounds fun :P

Land: ho ha, my thought too. Let's all become landowners bwhahah!

Business: Indeed :)

I'm doing well, and I can see you are too! Keep up having fun!