Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Amusing Thought

Have you ever been in a situation where alot of things seems to be resting on the outcome of one event? That is, how the near future of your life will pan out depending on how well the event in questions turns out?

I'm sure all of us has been at crossroads in our lives, where we have to make a decision on where we want to go and how we will go to get there. Of course, some of us do not see life as clearly as that and I'm sure we have our reasons but lets ignore that aspect for one second.

Some may also be thinking, well, you shouldn't have put your eggs in one basket huh? I concur but sometimes, mistakes on my part or circumstances does not allow me to have extra eggs so lets ignore this aspect as well.

I'm in a similar predicament at the moment and I find it amusing. The future of my life seriously depend on this event for the time being and my life can turn out wonderfully if I succeed in this event or it can face more uncertainty and mediocrity if I fail. And I'm not talking about the exams. I have been thinking just how damned hilarious it is... Funny as this is, I do not feel the pressure, perhaps because judgement day has not neared yet.

I'm not sure what else I can say except this is amusing and I just wanted to point it out. If you are curious, I'll make sure I update on exactly what I mean with this post. I will of course, endeavour to make sure I prepare the best I can to succeed. Success and prestige or uncertainty and mediocrity in my life and career rests on how well I perform in this event. I am really looking forward to success and I hope everyone who reads this wish me every luck.


Zhu said...

Yep, happened to me a few time.

Wish you the best outcome possible!

Amel's Realm said...

Actually yes, I understand what you mean. It happened during the time when I was supposed to decide whether or not to leave everything behind and marry Arttu.

And it happened again when my period was late the other week and I thought I may be pregnant...just thinking of that possibility made me think of so many other things that would change: that we would have to move to a bigger apt. before the baby arrived, etc. etc. etc.

I'm looking forward to reading your update on this topic. ;-D