Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graduation Cognitive Dissonance

Today, I had a somewhat interesting enlightment while contemplating on the train tonight. I may have discovered a new form of post university/colleage post traumatic disorder. I call it "graduation cognitive dissonance (GCD)". This is the period of depression that an individual enter after graduating from their course, whether it be a fear of the wrong choice of degree/career, the fear of hating the degree/career path, the fear of not choosing something that can get you a job.

The syptoms of GCD includes: depression, continuous sighing, non-stop self reflection, envy of engineers, economists, doctors and those job guaranteed smart bastards, rationalisation to convince yourself of how it's too late and how you have other benefits, attempts to relieve pressure(s) exerted on you directly or indirectly, consciously or sub-consciously, existant or non existant. These symptoms are capped off by a numbing sensation in the brain along with a heavy heart. Furthermore, these symptoms are amplified if you hate your current dead end job and if you have many friends who to you is in a similar position but acts like they have not a care in the world.

So, perhaps this is just me or perhaps this applies to alot of people who don't know why they are so sad after graduating. I think this is just me because I am a lame, no life loser, who has a huge and easily bruisable ego and whom personality is so lame and crap... Anyway, I did discover a few solutions that can reduce this disorder.

1) Establish and eliminate sources of GCD. For example, I hate my dead end job so I will try to find a new one.

2) Get in touch with friends who did a similar course and identify possible employment opportunities.

3) Get drunk. Actually no. While it may mitigate your reasoning skills, it does not remove the problem.

4) Find a girl/guy and start become an abusive partner and push them to work harder to support you because you're an official GCD sufferer and has the right to lean on the strong.

5) Create a blog and do what I do, blog randomlessly about random ideas that comes up in your head and hope others will find it ramdomly interesting.

But seriously, I think the best way to get out of this phase is to find a worthwhile employment. According to David McClelland, we have a need for afilliation, achievement and power so find your source of motivation and never give up. It's too late to change your degree so think of the reasons why you did it and work hard in making the best out of it. It will pay off (I'm hoping...) and you will move into a new phase that I have yet to experience and therefore unable to comment.

Anyway, enough blubbering. Still looking forward to my magical event!! And oh yeah, I wanna find a proper web host, any recommendations?


Raymond Chan said...

My webhosting and domain is all done by this guy called Bryan. Hopefully he'll be able to guide you through it.

Regarding your GCD, I really do not know how to make you feel better or provide solutions to you, but I guess I can only wish you luck because I know I'll be experiencing the same dilemma in the near future.

Raymond Chan said...

oh Bryan's site is

Zhu said...

Getting drunk might result in more GCD though. Temporary relief but shitty following day. Alcohol is a cheap medicine.

I think I still suffer of bouts of GCD. Am I too old for it?

Shan said...

Ray: Luck, yeah, better than nothing lol and thanks heaps for the site link

Zhu: Yeah, I'm guessing that lol. And no, I doubt you're too old for GCD... If you are, then you havn't found what you want and havn't eliminated your primary sources I'm guessing..

Amel's Realm said...

He he he he he...sometimes opportunities come when you least expect them, just as you're browsing along the roads of'll never know what there are out there and it's one of the beauties (tortures?) of life HE HE HE HE...

But you're right about finding another job...if it really makes you unhappy, then you should find something else. ;-D

Max said...

Hey Shan,

Interesting name for a disorder "GCD". This is new to me cause I never knew somebody who would feel depressed after graduation...

About Economists...well, I know two or three people who graduated from economics and are working in is hard to get a good job anywhere in the world.
Doctors: there aren't enough; so if one is smart, patient and book-lover enough to take this course - job is guaranteed!

Don't be depressed, things will get on the right track in its due time :D! Until then: smile and enjoy life (your friends are wise)!

Love your rambling!


Shan said...

Amel: True and true. It's probably because I'm in a transition time in my life and I need to have something to do in order to resolve my sources of dissatisfication.

Max: lol, yeah, I'm proud of it :P If you actually google "regret over degree", there's a BBC article on it which states that some 22% of people regret their choice of course and wish they had done something more technical. I'm guessing my degree is not so generalist because it's a specific profession that is a very important service in the field.

Jeff said...

I would remind myself that you can always go back and take more courses if necessary. You aren't "stuck" with what you have. There is always time for growth.