Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Smart

Just finished watching "Get Smart" the movie. Brilliant, bit ordinary true but fun nonetheless and invoked some memories.

I used to watch Get Smart when I was back in China and it was a great show. Never knew what it was called until a while back and man, it brought back smiles. What a legendary series!

It's a sad shame there's few things like that these days. All these Idol and Big Brother crap... I missed the wit in television series. The closest that I can find is "Boston Legal", a fabulous and equally amazing series. Brilliant acting and scripting. And that's coming to an end... What a shame..

Wit, what an invaluable trait...


Deadpoolite said...

"Wit, what an invaluable trait..."

Look dude, flattery will get you nowhere with me...

Good to have ya back!

Max said...


Boston Legal rocks!!! I love it and I watch it every single week!
I will miss it when it comes to an end!
One gotta love Danny Crane and Allan LOL what a pair!

You are right: most TV series suck nowadays! And all these reality shows make me nauseous!


Shan said...

Haha, good to see you DP.

And you Max. It's a top show, almost surreal! Big shame it's going to end... Big big, shame. Life on Mars is supposed to be taking over the slot but what a crap show. But I wouldn't know since I haven't watched it haha. Hypocrite is me.

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