Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009



Roughly translated: Ugly wife, barren field and worn out cotton jacket is a man's three treasure.

Makes good sense no?

In dating, we want the prettiest wife but in marriage, the entire context of things change.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson '09

The death of a legend.

Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009) RIP.

The portrayal of Michael Jackson by today's shallow media must not obstruct his immense achievements for the human race.

His Music Will Live Forever.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


OMG... This cracked me up... HAHAHAHA!

To put things into perspective, we're talking about Lee Hyori here, one of the most gorgeous, generally natural Asian beauties in the world.
"I don’t understand why men get all shy around me…..I need to change my personality into something softer so that guys will like me more…and also kill my temper so that I am more approachable."
LOL.. Are you for real? You don't understand why men get intimidated around 20/10 women like you? Well I don't know why either but it could be something to do with your beauty?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Am I Sadistic or What?

I just saw a girl miss her bus. She was running so furiously. But she missed. And I was so amused. No... it was damned hilarious hahaha! Should've run faster hahaha! Does this make me sadistic?

I would say so to an extent.

Damaged joy... What a fucking excellent theory hahaha!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Canberra Buses System Is A Piece of Shit

OMFG Canberra bus system is a total piece of shit. As I write this, I am sitting on a bus that is 30 minutes late. Now if it was the first time, I wouldn't have cared too much but this is the third time it has happened and that's fucked up!! Coming from Perth, I understand I am a bit spoilt but this is simply wrong. Fuck!! I need a punching bag...

Oh and the drivers and call centre staff are pretty shit as well. The drivers are clueless when it comes to answering any question you may have. The call centre staff... well... all they can say when you make an enquiry is that they don't have any 'breakdowns'. Fucking bludgers, if you can't do your job, then give it to someone who can. Plenty of jobless executives out there in the current economic environment...

This goes the same for the shocking leaders of the ACT buses. Get with the program you useless fucks!!!!!

I have included some pictures of the interior of one of the buses. As you can see, it's pretty shit... Notice the sign that says 'These doors only open at interchanges'. These are on the rear door. Now what kind of fucked up policy is this?? Fuck!!

Ok, enough venting for today. I shall be back with more to bitch about these time.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Importance of Failure - 100th Post

Well... this is my 100th post since creating a blog. It's been a long ride, from part time work at a fast food restaurant to now, working as a professional in a key Federal Government agency.

I've learnt and experienced many new things during this period of time and the blog has played a critical role in allowing me to reflect on those experiences. I guess in many respects, making my 100th post on the topic of failure is perhaps interesting yet suitable.

As an individual, I've always been highly confident of my abilities to achieve things that I set my mind to. My determination (or stubbornness) and my attention to detail have never failed me. Yet today, something happened that should not have. I messed up the structure of my part of a presentation and made a gaffe in front of a group of key individuals.

This have made me reflect deeply about why it has occurred because presenting has always been my forte. After much thought and agony, I have come to realise that I took my abilities for granted and that they can only shine when I use them in unison. Due to my past positive experiences with presenting, my confidence rose to a level that I felt I could present without sufficient preparation. And what a wake up call it was. My pride, ego, misplaced confidence certainly took a major hit.

In the past, I've always made sure I clearly understood the material I am presenting and wrote them down in a logical and clear manner so I can follow it clearly when presenting. And I have always rehearsed at least once or twice. Today, I did little of this and I stuffed up.

However, my gaffe has made me realise the importance of failure. While I absolutely love the feeling of victory, failure are just equally important provided I view them as a lesson rather than a mistake. In particular, if the failure is a technical failure not an inherent failure.

Failure is inevitable in our lives. Failure is not something that I am accustomed to, whether it be big things or small things. But I have come to realise that failure is important because it can teach me new things and reinforce what I know but have come grown used to. By failing, I am in many ways succeeding. Of course this could be me rationalising but I do believe what I have said to a good degree. By failing, we can prevent other failures through learning.

To a lighter side of things, here some of pictures of me in my new home in the capital of Australia, Canberra. The stuffed toys are my war spoils in Canberra's Royal Show. They're a testament to my ability to shoot stars and water pistols haha!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Ah Click, what an interesting movie.

Appreciate what we have whether it's good or bad because one day it's going to disappear.

What a shame that nothing lasts forever but perhaps that's the beauty of life...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rain Fall

John Rain, aka Junichi Fujiwara, was born in 1952 to a Japanese father and an American mother. He is a freelance assassin whose speciality is assassinations that appear to be death by natural causes. He has undergone plastic surgery to hide his Caucasian heritage and has dyed his brown hair. In 1960, Rain's father was killed, so his mother moved them to Dryden, NY where she taught at Cornell.

See the trailer - Rain Fall the Movie

For release on 25th of April! See it then!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Legend of Bruce Lee

A wonderful TV series that can be downloaded on BitTorrent sites. However there isn't that many seeds on English BT sites. Plenty of Chinese trackers, interested individuals contact me. Be warned it's only in Chinese, audio and subtitles wise... Hopefully it'll be released in English soon!

Top actress that should be noted in the series is 杨亚星. Her blog is

A beautiful girl who shines out from the TV. Let her be proof that China has plenty of gorgeous woman. Let her be an example to the selectors of Miss China for whatever beauty pageants out there that there is and will always be beautiful women in China. Chinese women has the best natural beauty. I emphasise natural beauty. Many can be caked in layers of make up and look good.

Also that Chinese Gong Fu is the best!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

mmm I've neglected my blog over the past weeks and months. I've certainly neglected the people who take out time and read it. What can I say except that I've grown lazy due to a number of reasons. It's a shame but my original source of motivation for posting have gradually disappeared. But the blog has always represented what I felt at certain times of my life and I'm positive one day I'll be renewed and refreshed enough to revamp it... For now, it'll be posted with thoughts here and there...

Good news... after years of hard work (or so I believe), I managed to obtain offers from two of Australia's most important (and prestigious) government agencies for their graduate programs in 2009. After careful thought, I have decided to take up the offer with the agency in Eastern Australia, or Canberra more specifically. The program is highly intensive and will run for one year, after which I will receive a permanent position. If you would recall, one of my earlier posts (very early) said I'll be posting something big. This is it. I think I consider myself very lucky. Being able to secure a position so soon after graduating without long periods of waiting and agony... Nothing much else to say except that I'll be working to the best of my abilities and striving to succeed.

However, this wasn't why I want to make a post. What I really wanted to say in this post is that how lame it is for life is to be measured by our material achievements. As a young individual, we are measured by how well we do at school, how well we do at university (and other places) as well as the prestigiousness of our first employer. Growing older, we are measured by our income and our possessions whether it be car or houses. Whether we grow up to be rich or poor, successful or a failure, we are always measured by our material achievements. Often many of us do not realise this and actually try to compete with others on this scale. I find this crude and pathetic.. to an extent.

Well I realise this and I find this pathetic and sad. Nonetheless, a part of me cannot disregard a feeling of contempt and disdain for those who are less. I guess that's very much of what it is being a human. We are animals. Yet we are perhaps, to the extent of our scientific knowledge, evolved animals. Surely we must have something more to strive for than wealth and children.

I recently read an interesting book that summarised how I felt very succintly in the space of one page. I wish I could remember the words. Perhaps this path of thought is leading me to seek spiritual contentment but I've rarely being one who fervently believed in religion.

Nonetheless, forward we as a race go and forward as an individual I go. To a new life and perhaps something more worthwhile....

To all, I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. Best wishes in finding what you want in this life.