Friday, May 1, 2009

Canberra Buses System Is A Piece of Shit

OMFG Canberra bus system is a total piece of shit. As I write this, I am sitting on a bus that is 30 minutes late. Now if it was the first time, I wouldn't have cared too much but this is the third time it has happened and that's fucked up!! Coming from Perth, I understand I am a bit spoilt but this is simply wrong. Fuck!! I need a punching bag...

Oh and the drivers and call centre staff are pretty shit as well. The drivers are clueless when it comes to answering any question you may have. The call centre staff... well... all they can say when you make an enquiry is that they don't have any 'breakdowns'. Fucking bludgers, if you can't do your job, then give it to someone who can. Plenty of jobless executives out there in the current economic environment...

This goes the same for the shocking leaders of the ACT buses. Get with the program you useless fucks!!!!!

I have included some pictures of the interior of one of the buses. As you can see, it's pretty shit... Notice the sign that says 'These doors only open at interchanges'. These are on the rear door. Now what kind of fucked up policy is this?? Fuck!!

Ok, enough venting for today. I shall be back with more to bitch about these time.


Amel's Realm said...

Oh sorry to hear about this. :-((((

Zhu said...

Ooops... sorry about this! From my Australian experience, Melbourne has the best system, plus tramways are free!

Deadpoolite said...

I think Canberra has the best bus system in the world to be honest... simply because it pisses you off:).

Nah, be patient friend, there is only so much you can do vs the evil of a bad public transport system.

Be strong, I see a lot of bus rides in your future...

Hey, it has been a long while since I teased ya, what did ya expect pancakes with maple syrup? That will be Zhu's queue then:).

Take care dude!

Max said...

Hey Shan,

As I read your venting article, I kept thinking I was reading Tony Soprano's post LOL LOL ;)!

You were pissed, man! But I am glad we were here to listen ;D!

I can't complain about the Portuguese bus system: it is bloody good.