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Friday, June 15, 2007

Reality - Harsh Or In Fact Enlightening?

Ahh, people, how are you all? I sincerely hope you are all doing fine and for those of you in distress whether mentally, spiritually or physically (and any other I missed), my heartfelt prayers are with you. In the past few weeks, I have been under an emotional cloud and what can I say, it was not something within my control and as much as I wanted to get out of it, I could not.

However, in the recent days, with the big burden of exams out of the way (well, still 1 more left called Entrepreneurship 300 but my internal marks are high enough not to worry), I am lifting in my spirits! This is a good thing and it simply reinforces what many people have told me: time is the best healer and while I knew this, I was simply unable to apply this knowledge. This just reminds me of how fragile our mind really is despite all the wonders it is capable of...

Anyway, today I just wanted to touch on the topic of reality and just how wonderful (and harsh...) it is. Please bear in mind that I am currently under the influence of some nice white wine and I might make less sense than usual :P

But reality, it is a wonderful thing isn't it? No matter how much our mind can theorise, rationalise or hypothesis the future, it is really the reality that cures our problems. We, in all our beliefs, want to do things our way and we all try very hard to make reality follow our own imagination or dreams... However, today I realised this only true to an extent, while we have the power to change many things, sometimes, putting it simply, we can not. In these scenarios, reality, whether you thought of this or not, guides us. In these scenarios, we simply can not change what is happening in reality and therefore we subconsciously let reality guide us instead...

Of course, reality is harsh and sometimes, for the lucky ones, we do consciously realise this fact and as much as we try to modify or even change reality, we are simply not capable of doing this. Yet reality is also a double edged sword because while harsh and painful it is, it really forces us to think even more and dream even more. This may not necessarily be about the same path we do want to take, but in fact about other paths we can take... It is this that is the essence of what I am trying to say.

Putting this in an analogy: For every coin we flip, there is a head and a tail. As much as we want it to be either a head or tail, reality in fact, controls this and sometimes, it will just not land on the side you want and there is simply nothing you can do to control this (well, unless you cheat but let's ignore this haha). However, the fact that it lands on the side you do not desire does not signify a bad thing, but in fact, it could be a blessing in disguise no? What I mean is why force yourself to a lie when the real truth lies ahead and it is in fact much, MUCH better? For those of us lucky ones, we often sees this and therefore allow reality take hold and thereby negating some of the damaging effects. But for the less luckier ones of us (or those who simply don't want to), reality is often harsh and painful when it confronts you.

Of course, this raises another question and that is what if the lie is in fact not a lie and can lead to something better than the "truth" that we think may exist further up the road? To this, I have no answer except stop pondering with your mind and allow reality to take hold. Think about the realistic future, not the future you think. Again, putting this is an analogy, let's look at a horoscope (Thanks to iGoogle) I saw today:

Give yourself time today to get lost in your dreams about where you want your life to take you. This isn't about idle daydreaming, yet there is no need to put additional pressure on yourself to make any of your ideas come true. Additionally, there is no reason to share your current plans with anyone. For now, just enjoy lolling in the possibilities that lie in front of you.
For me, this is not reality but in fact a cold reading. If any of you understand the Forer effect, you'll know that cold readings are extremely general and often "accurate" simply because our mind wants it to be. So, what I mean is that I consciously know this effect and thereby can disentangle myself (or so I hope...). However, I am still unconsciously subject to this effect and while as much as I don't want to place pressure on myself to make any of my ideas comes true, I look at the reality and the REAL future and when I do, I realise I can't do what the horoscope tells me, I must move on and move forward towards the real truth.

Ok, this has been another extremely long post and anyone who has followed this far, I thank you. If you have understood, even better because I hope realising this fact is indeed better than just simply generalising things with ideas such as "strong internal locus of control" because we aren't superman and sometimes, things are just the way they are.

On another note, I'd like to thank Jeff from Psychosomatic Wit for awarding me a "Thinking Blog Award". Firstly, I'd like to thank my mum and dad for all their support these years *wipes tears*, without them, I would have been born into this world. Secondly, I'd like to thank all my readers, without you guys, I'd not have gotten any views. Thirdly, I'd like to thank my friends, the Grey Aliens, if not for their abduction of me all those years ago, I'd still have been living in a rubbish dump. Finally, I'd like to thank ummm, myself for being able to talk so much. Thank you, thank you, I love you all! *kisses and waves* :P

As for my own awards, please follow my blog carefully and during the holidays, I intend to broaden my horizon and vote my own top 5 and believe me, I'll be very selective and only the best will get in.

P.S. The Aliens didn't abduct me.. and thanks Jeff, I appreciate it. It is a surprise because I didn't think my thoughts was that good but I'll work hard to continue the mass exodus of my thoughts. I want to add more analogies to clarify my future cognitive processes to everyone so you all can have an even better time reading!

Back to my wine, and oh, enjoy life ladies and gentlemen.